War of the Rebellion: Serial 019 Page 0402 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXV

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Colonel Marshall reports his troops at Houston and Salem almost mutinous. Colonel Baker is going there to re-enforce. Keep me advised by telegraph; my express has been intercepted. All quiet here.





Saint Louis, May 29, l862.

The enemies of the United States and of Missouri seem still determined to ruin a State they have so signally failed to conquer; to destroy the peace of a people who are fixed in their loyalty to the Union. Rebel officers and en are returning to their homes, passing stealthily through our lines, and endeavoring again to stir up insurrection in various portions of the State where peace has long prevailed, and there still remain among the disaffected, who never belonged to the rebel army, a few who avail themselves of every favorable opportunity to murder Union soldiers and destroy the property of citizens.

The Government is willing and can afford to be magnanimous in its treatment of those who retired of the rebellion and desire to become loyal citizens and to aid in the restoration of peace and prosperity of the country, but it will not tolerate those who still persist in their wicked efforts to prevent the restoration of peace where they have failed to maintain legitimate war. The time is passed when insurrection and rebellion in Missouri can cloak itself under the guise of honorable warfare.

The utmost vigilance and energy are enjoined upon all the troops of the State in hunting down and destroying these robbers and assassins. When caught in arms, engaged in their unlawful warfare, they will be shot down upon the spot. All good citizens, who desire to live in peace, are required to give their assistance to the military authorities in detecting and bringing to punishment the outlaws who infest this State and those who give them shelter and protection.

Those who fail to do their duty in this matter will be regarded and treated as abettors of the criminals.

Those who have been in arms against the United States or have aided the rebellion, and now desire to become good and loyal citizens,may surrender themselves and their arms at the nearest military post, and will be released upon subscribing to the usual oath and giving bond, with approved security, for their future loyal conduct. They will thereafter be free from military arrest so long as they shall in good faith observe and keep the conditions of their oaths and bond, or if in any particular case it shall be deemed by the military authorities inexpedient to release with the promise of future protection a man who has voluntarily surrendered himself he will be released and placed in the same condition as he was before his voluntary surrender.

All officers and men of this command are reminded that it is their duty, while punishing with unmeasured severity those who still persist in their mad efforts to destroy the peace of the State, not only to abstain from molestation, but to protect from injury all loyal and peaceable citizens. All will be held to a strict accountability for the just and proper execution of the important and responsible duties required of them by this order.

Whenever any doubt shall arise as to the propriety of releasing with