War of the Rebellion: Serial 019 Page 0306 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXV.

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longing to Colonel Coffee's command, wholly unknown to my regiment and representing himself as aid to Colonel Cooper, came up, cursed my men, called them cowards, and ordered them to come out from behind the wall and charge. That portion of my men who were next to this would-be aide to Colonel Cooper, hearing the order and believing him to be what he represented himself, instantly obeyed the order; and I, seeing a portion of my men charging the enemy, and believing they were acting under orders from Colonel Cooper, ordered those who still remained where I had first placed them to charge also. After a severe conflict with the infantry under heavy firing from the Federal batteries, which were only a few hundred yards distant, they fell back to the place first assigned them, and were soon followed up by the infantry to within gun-shot, when they were fired upon by my regiment. Charged by the Choctaw regiment, opened -

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had been cut, off and was ordered to retreat in the direction of the timber to form a junction with Colonel Cooper, which I did by making a feint on the right wing of the enemy and then obliquing to the left. After getting into the timber I was ordered in front of the train to protect the same. The retreat was conducted all the way through in the very best of order.

The following-named men are missing from my regiment and supposed to be prisoners: Adjutant Church; Private Thomas Emerson, Company A; Private John R. Skinner, Company B; Privates W. J. Rimes and J. Jenkins, Company C; Third Lieutenant V. B. Field and Private John N. Furgerson, Company D, and Private James Cally, Company F.

All of which is respectfully submitted.


Colonel, Commanding Regiment.

Numbers 14. Report of Colonel A. M. Alexander, Thirty-fourth Texas Cavalry.

ELM SPRINGS, ARK., October 13, 1862.

COLONEL: The following facts, as well as my memory serves me, will give you an outline of the participation of this regiment in the contest of the 30th ultimo at Newtonia:

I was ordered to have the available forces of my regiment ready by daylight on the morning of the 30th to march to Granby to relieve Colonel Stevens' regiment. When about half way from our camp (Camp Coffee) to Newtonia we saw the smoke and heard the report of artillery. We were ordered by you to hasten up, and on arriving at Newtonia we were ordered to take position below the mill, on the branch, and dismount, which order was complied with under a strong fire of grape and Minie balls. We were then ordered to remount, retire, and hitch our horses and occupy the stone-wall to the right and left of Captain Bledsoe's artillery, which was then doing good service; also a part of my regiment was thrown in the square stone wall. When Captain Howell's artillery arrived our position was changed to his right, which we occupied until the engagement was over.

On the morning of the 4th instant about sunrise I received notice from Colonel Hawpe that Colonel Buster had been attacked beyond Granby; that he had returned and taken position 1 mile from Granby. In a short time I received orders to have my train in motion and move