War of the Rebellion: Serial 019 Page 0302 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXV.

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time, and again pursued by our cavalry and a part of our artillery until darkness put an end to the pursuit. I would also add that the force of the enemy in this battle was considerably superior to ours, and that the loss of the enemy was not less (in killed, wounded, and prisoners) than 400, while ours did not reach 70.

Very respectfully,


Major, Commanding First Cherokee Battalion.

Colonel D. H. COOPER, Commanding Brigade.

Numbers 10. Report of Lieutenant Colonel Tandy Walker, First Choctaw and Chickasaw Regiment.

CAMP COFFEE, October 2, 1862.

SIR: Reports of captains have been handed to me of the battle of Newtonia, on the 30th instant, the particulars of which will be found in the following:

Company A, commanded by Captain S. Loering, with the whole of his company, excepting 8, who were left on account of disability. Captain Loering's men behaved well during the whole engagement. Captain Loering had only 1 man seriously wounded, not mortally; also lost 2 horses.

Company B, Captain McClure - company under command of First Lieutenant John Fowler - was all engaged during the whole fight, with great credit to themselves and the whole regiment. Company numbered 66 men; had none killed; 2 of the privates were wounded in the arms; had 1 horse in the fight killed.

Company C, commanded by [Captain] W. B. Pitchlynn, was engaged throughout the whole fight and were ready to meet the enemy whenever he appeared. Captain Pitchlynn lost his first lieutenant (Henry Van Osdel) while charging at the head of part of his company, to the great loss of us all; also 1 private [wounded] mortally and expired fifteen minutes afterward; 3 privates slightly wounded.

Company D, commanded by Captain David Perkins, was present in the whole engagement and behaved well all day. Captain [Perkins] reports that his company was 53 strong; also reports 1 private seriously wounded in the arm, not mortally.

Company E, commanded by Captain S. R. Jones, was engaged throughout the whole fight and behaved well. Captain Jones reports 1 second lieutenant seriously wounded, 1 sergeant and private. None of the wounds are mortal; one [man] lost his horse in the wood fight.

Company F, commanded by Captain E. W. Folsom, consisting of 28 men, was all engaged in the fight, and did great credit to themselves during the engagement. Captain [Folsom] reports that he had 3 men slightly wounded (yet one he thinks crippled for life); 2 horses lost (1 killed and 1 taken by the enemy); 1 horse wounded.

This embodies the substance of the various captains' reports with their companies under my command, all of which I respectfully submit to you.


Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding Choctaw and Chickasaw Regiment.

Colonel D. H. COOPER, Commanding Division.