War of the Rebellion: Serial 019 Page 0286 MO.,ARK.,KANS.,IND. T.,AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXV.

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with loop-holes in the sides for its defense. They had evidently vacated the premises several hours before. I ordered the building fired, which was done. Still following their trail, came upon them (some 30 in number) in another body of timber, on the Saint Francis and Helena road, but they escaped by scattering through the dense thickets in every direction. Here too they had another log house, like the former, where they rendezvoused, large numbers of straw beds and old bedquilts being spread on the floor. This building I also burned. Here we captured 1 horse, left in their hurry. Turning into the road again toward Helena we met a detachment of the Fourth Iowa Cavalry, and by a sad mistake their advance guard fired upon ours, mortally wounding a member of the Fifth Missouri Cavalry, severely wounding 1 of the Fifth Kansas, and killing 1 horse. The explanation given by the captain commanding the Fourth Iowa was that only a few moments before they had been fired upon by guerrillas dressed in United States uniform and 2 of his men killed, and they supposed at first sight that our men belonged to the same party. I soon after encamped for the night, and to-day (27th) arrived in camp about 10 o'clock. The prisoners I sent in last night by Lieutenant [H. S.] Wait, of the Arkansas Rangers, who acted as guide for me during the scout.

I am, captain, your most obedient,


Second Major Fifth Kansas Regiment.

Captain J. W. PADDOCK, A. A. G., Army of the Southwest.

SEPTEMBER 30, 1862.-Engagement at Newtonia, Mo.


Numbers 1.-Brigadier General Frederick Salomon, U. S. Army, commanding division.

Numbers 2.-Colonel William Weer, Tenth Kansas Infantry, commanding brigade.

Numbers 3.-Colonel George H. Hall, Fourth missouri Cavalry (Militia), commanding brigade.

Numbers 4.-Colonel William R. Judson, Sixth Kansas Cavalry.

Numbers 5.-Colonel Edward Lynde, Ninth Kansas Cavalry.

Numbers 6.-Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Jacobi, Ninth Wisconsin Infantry.

Numbers 7.-Captain Job B. Stockton, commanding battery.

Numbers 8.-Colonel Douglas H. Cooper, C. S. Army, commanding division.

Numbers 9.-Major J. M. Bryan, First Cherokee Battalion.

Numbers 10.-Lieutenant Colonel Tandy Walker, First Choctaw and Chickasaw regiment.

Numbers 11.-Lieutenant Colonel M. W. Buster, Indian Battalion.

Numbers 12.-Colonel J. G. Stevens, First Texas Partisan Cavalry.

Numbers 13.-Colonel T. C. Hawpe, Thirty-first Texas Cavalry.

Numbers 14.-Colonel A. M. Alexander, Thirty-fourth Texas Cavalry.

Numbers 1. Report of Brigadier General Frederick Salomon, U. S. Army, commanding division.


Sarcoxie, Mo., October 1, 1862.

GENERAL: I have the honor to report the following:

On the 29th ultimo I sent scouting parties to Newtonia, Granby, and Neosho. The latter (as per report of Colonel Weer) killed 2 of the


*See also Schofield's report, p. 18, and Hindman's, p. 43.