War of the Rebellion: Serial 019 Page 0285 Chapter XXV. EXPEDITION FROM HELENA, ARK.

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Having lost race of the enemy, I counter-marched my command and moved to the Paradise road, which strikes due west about a mile north of La Grange. I then proceeded up the latter road, and at the distance of 1 1/2 miles met Lieutenant Dorsey, with his detachment. Lieutenant Dorsey reported that just before he came up his advance had been fired upon from the brush, and that one of his men was killed and one other dangerously wounded. He had pursued and fired several shots at the enemy, but owing to the almost impenetrable thickets they were unable to overtake them. He had then fallen back, with his wounded man, to the point at which we met. I then concentrated my force and proceeded again in search of the rebels. We had gone but a short distance when my advance reported the enemy in considerable force within about 50 yards of us. I immediately formed my men in line, and at the same time a shot was fired into our ranks. Simultaneously the flankers and skirmishers of each party commenced the fire, but before the engagement became general the opposing forces announced themselves the Fifth kansas. They proved a detachment of the Fifth Kansas and the Benton Hussars (Fifth Missouri Cavalry), under command of Major Scudder, of the Fifth Kansas, and to my ignorance of other Federal forces than my own being in my neighborhood is to be attributed the mistake.

I regret to report that before the firing was suppressed Major Scudder's command experienced a loss of 1 man killed and 1 man wounded. I had the wounded man promptly cared for, and procuring a carriage, at about 4 p. m. we started for camp.

My command had taken a number of citizens prisoners, supposed to be identified with the guerrillas or of furnishing them aid and comfort.

I have the honor to be, your obedient servant,


Captain, Fourth Regiment Iowa Cavalry.


A. A. A. G., 2nd Brigadier, 2nd Div., Army of the Southwest.

Numbers 2. Report of Major Thomas W. Scudder, Fifth Kansas Cavalry.


September 27, 1862.

CAPTAIN: In compliance with orders I moved, with detachments from the Fifth Kansas, Fourth and Fifth Missouri, and Fifth Illinois Cavalry, comprising in all about 275 men, to Jeffersonville, on the Saint Francis river. One hundred I sent up by steamer and the remainder by and. Arriving at Jeffersonville, I found that the enemy we were in pursuit of had moved to the south side of the river, and consequently, having no further use for the boat, I ordered her back to Helena. Moved up the south side of the bayou that enters the Saint Francis at Jeffersonville as far as Marianna, capturing en route 2 guerrillas belonging to Captain Anderson's company. Following the track of the enemy from Marianna (sometimes in the highway and sometimes in the timber) through intricate windings in southwesterly direction about 8 miles, I came upon a large log house in the timber