War of the Rebellion: Serial 019 Page 0260 MO.,ARK.,KANS.,IND. T.,AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXV.

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Lippert, of Thirteenth Illinois Cavalry, with 200 men, on the 24th instant; 30 killed, more wounded, 16 surrendered. No one hurt on our side. Several wagons and horses, besides arms, ammunition, and entire camp equipage, captured. No more troops in that section.


Colonel, Commanding.


AUGUST 24-28.-Scout from Salem to Current River, Mo.

Report of Lieutenant Herbert Reed, Third Missouri Cavalry.

Fifty men in the command. Marched in a southerly direction until noon, then halted for feed and dinner 20 miles from Salem, on the Barren Fort of Sinking Creek. Marched down Sinking Creek in a southwestern direction 5 miles; then changed course to the south and marched 5 miles, which brought us to the Current River, and continued 4 miles down Current River in a southeastern direction and halted for supper. At 11 p. m. resumed the march in a southern direction 6 miles on the country road, and halted at the house of a certain Jackson Sugs. Searched the house, but found nothing. Resumed the march in the same direction for 4 miles, and halted at Chilton's Mill. Searched one house; found no man or contraband goods. Searched the house of one Andrew Chilton. In doing so was fired upon by some persons inside. The fire was returned, killing 1 man, supposed to have been wounded; also wounding a woman (who was standing near the men) slightly. Names unknown. No contraband goods were found in the house. Resumed the march in a westerly direction 2 miles, and surrounded the house of one Cedrick Chilton. Searched and found 3 men, Alexander Chilton, henry Smith, James Gallien, and shortly after William Chilton; also 1 gun, 1 United States saddle, 2 United States horses, and 2 contraband horses, all which I placed under guard. Resumed the march. Halted at the house of one Joshua Chilton. Three men ran from the house and were fired at. One (Jesse Conaway) was mortally wounded. One (Perry Chilton) was shot at as he was going into the brush. The result is unknown. All of them were previous to the fire commanded to halt. Joshua Chilton was caught, after a pursuit of nearly a mile, swimming through Jack's Fork. Also found 2 United States mules, a sorrel mare (claimed by our guide, Davis B. Smith), and one contraband horse (white stallion). The property was placed under guard. We now unsaddled for feed at 8 p. m. August 25. After resting for two hours marched in a northerly direction 15 miles (found no rebel or contraband goods on the march), which brought us to the residence of D. B. Smith, our guide. Here we encamped for the night.

On the 26th a part of the men to guard the prisoners. Marched the remainder 20 miles northeast to Big Creek. Searched a number of houses on the route. At that of Andrew Marsh found but 1 estray horse in the woods. (Marsh is said to be with Coleman's band.) A bay mare found in the pasture of Daniel Williams, said by his wife to be astray; 1 bay mare found with Benjamin Conway, contraband, and a bay mare and horse found secreted in the woods at Jackson Herring's. Took man and horses along. Confiscated several horses and colts at