War of the Rebellion: Serial 019 Page 0234 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXV.

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I brought off 3 or 4 horses, and 4 negroes, between the ages of twelve and twenty, belonging to Mrs. Elliott, who are now in camp. I have not yet determined whether I shall give them emancipation papers and send them to Kansas or not. They have been employed by the family in the service of the camp.

The names of the men I ordered shot are James H. Rollins, formerly from Parkville, who has given bond, and Zack. Elliott, son of Mrs. Elliott.* The notorious Jim Hopkins, of Sharp's Grove, Holt County, is undoubtedly in the gang, and was probably in the fight. He has been staying around Mrs. Elliott's for some time. J. S. Craig, son of the man I arrested for a guide, is also in the gang. I shall get further information in a short time, and probably have not done with the neighborhood. It is my intention, wherever I find a camp of bushwhackers, to take summary vengeance on those whom I have satisfactory reason to believe have knowledge of the existence of such a camp and do not report it.

My men behaved well. Not a man but what was eager to take the brush in search of the enemy, who was believed to be concealed in close proximity to us. It is next to impossible to fight these guerrillas on their own ground in the brush, where they have every advantage over us. We must make it unhealthy for the neighborhoods where they harbor to allow them to remain among them without giving information to us.

I understand that it is necessary for notice to be issued from headquarters at Saint Joseph to the county board to act in any case coming under their jurisdiction. I wish to have the notices issued, if necessary, in the cases of Captain Harrel's house and Henry Foley's barn, burned by bushwhackers, in this county; and also in the case of the men killed and wounded at Mrs. Elliott's. It will be observed that Mrs. Elliott's is close to the county line.

I am pushing the fortifications on College Hill as fast as possible, and am working about 150 prisoners, with what tools I can get, and shall send out for more prisoners in a short time.

As soon as I get over the excessive pressure of business I will send the muster rolls of the companies mustered in here. I have received no monthly returns from Companies D and G, and do not now know where they are. In consequence it is impossible to make the regimental return. Can you send me a memorandum of the strength f those companies from the post return, which I presume you have.



Colonel Fifth Regiment Cavalry, Missouri State Militia.

AUGUST 14-17, 1862.-Expedition from Ozark to Forsyth, Mo.

Report of Colonel Myron S. Barnes, Thirty-seventh Illinois Infantry.

OZARK, MO., August 17, 1862.

GENERAL: I have just returned from Forsyth, I penetrated the country for several miles in all directions and could find no enemy in any numbers. We shelled the hills up White River and sent small parties in all directions. We only took 3 prisoners. I am of the opinion


*Names of prisoners taken omitted.