War of the Rebellion: Serial 019 Page 0224 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXV.

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AUGUST 8, 1862.-Skirmish near Newtonia, Mo.

Report of Major J. M. Hubbard, First Missouri Cavalry.

NEWTONIA, MO., August 11, 1862.

SIR: On the 8th the enemy made a demonstration on the prairie, with a force of 1,000 men, within three quarters of a mile of our camp, when I opened with two pieces of artillery and fired in quick succession about thirty shots, when they rapidly fell back out of range of our guns, when all was quiet. We all stood guard that night, every man to his post, expecting an attack at night, but they lay quietly in camp within 3 miles of us.

On the evening of the 9th, with 20 men, I reconnoitered within half a mile of their camp, when they called to us to come on. Late in the evening one battalion of the Fourteenth reported to me.

On the morning of the 10th, at 3 o'clock, I moved out to give them battle, when they all fled into the brush, and passed through Neosho about daylight. I was in Neosho last evening (10th instant). They report that they were going to Carthage. Their whole force is about 1,200 men That is positive. Colonel King arrived here last evening. We will start for Neosho at noon to-day and pursue the enemy if they have gone to Carthage. Your dispatch bearer, who was taken prisoner at Granby, was going to the Kansas command.

Yours, truly,



General BROWN.

AUGUST 8, 1862.-Skirmish near Stockton, Macon County, Mo.

Report of Brigadier General Lewis Merrill.

HANNIBAL, MO., August 9, 1862.

GENERAL: McNeil's column overtook Porter again near Stockton yesterday afternoon and whipped him again. The fight ended at dark. During the storm Porter managed to slip away.

Nothing definite of the loss on either side. Report says McNeil's loss 8 wounded, 1 mortally; Porter's loss 50 killed and wounded and some prisoners. Porter is demoralized, and I think broken up.

McNeil found among his prisoners 26 who had taken the oath and given bonds. They were executed yesterday.

Inspected Palmyra yesterday; found everything going to the devil; relieved Stearns and Pledge and sent them to Hannibal. Stearns was going off with a large amount of money belonging to soldiers which he will not account for, and I have just put him in close confinement. Yesterday caught a man who tried to throw passenger train off the track. If it can be proved clearly on him will execute him formally to-morrow.

Will leave at 2 o'clock for Macon City. Please send up my telegraph men.