War of the Rebellion: Serial 019 Page 0106 MO., ARK., KANS., IND. T., AND DEPT. N. W. Chapter XXV.

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Saint Charles, Ark., June 24, 1862.

SIR: Subsequent to my report of the 21st instant guerrilla bands have twice fired into the gunboats and transports from the woods opposite Saint Charles and once upon the pickets above the town, killing 1 mortar-boat man, who was detailed at Memphis as a part of a gun squad to act with this regiment, and a seaman on the gunboat Lexington. To put a stop to such barbarous warfare Major Bringhurst was sent with four companies, escorted by the gunboats Cincinnati and Lexington, up Indian Bay into the county of Monroe, where these bands are said to have been raised, with orders to post conspicuously copies of the accompanying notice. The expedition was successful, seizing some ammunition that was about to be used by these bands, and bringing in 3 prisoners, who were charged with aiding and abetting them. One of the prisoners, who were charged with aiding and abetting them. One of the prisoners (Moore) appears to be a surgeon of the Confederate Army, on furlough, obtained upon tender of his resignation, which has not been finally acted upon. As surgeon he claims exemption from captivity under an agreement between belligerents. He was not taken as such, but as a member or as aiding in the formation of guerrilla bands. An investigation of the case is now being made.

An expedition was planned for this morning at 6.30 up the river to Crockett's Bluff, where considerable cotton was said to be concealed and one or two mounted guerrilla bands stationed. At that hour a note was received from Captain Winslow, requesting that the expedition might be deferred until the next day. The request was complied with, and preparations made to clear the underbrush opposite this place to deprive the guerrillas of cover. These preparations were suspended by notice from Captain Winslow of his intention to immediately take the gunboats out of the river, under an apprehension that a fall in the water might render it inconvenient to do so if he longer delayed. Conscious that the small force under my command would not be able, unsupported by the gunboats, to hold the place and insure the safety of the transports, orders were reluctantly given to call in the pickets and embark the troops, for the purpose of accompanying the gunboats to the mouth of the river.

I remain, general, very respectfully, yours,


Colonel, Commanding Forty-sixth Regiment Indiana Volunteers.

Major-General WALLACE, Commanding Memphis.



To the Inhabitants of Monroe County, Arkansas:

Guerrilla bands raised in your vicinity have fired from the woods upon the United States gunboats and transports in White River. This mode of warfare is that of savages. It is in your power to prevent it in your vicinity. You will therefore, if it is repeated, be held responsible in person and property. Upon a renewal of such attacks an expedition will be sent against you to seize and destroy your personal property. It is our wish that no occasion for such a course shall arise, but that every man shall remain at home in pursuit of his peaceful avocation, in which he will not be molested, unless a continuance of such barbarous guerrilla warfare renders rigorous measures on our part necessary.