War of the Rebellion: Serial 018 Page 0768 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD. Chapter XXIV.

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2,500 rounds 10-pounder Parrott.

1,500 rounds light 12-pounder.

400 rounds 12-pounder howitzer.

800 rounds 12-pounder Wiard.

800 rounds 6-pounder Wiard.

600 rounds 6-pounder smooth-bore.

With cartridges, fuses, friction primers, percussion caps, &c., complete.



First Lieutenant, Chief Ordnance, Army of Virginia.

ALEXANDRIA, August 30, [1862]-7.20 p.m.

Colonel D. H. RUCKER:

I am prepared to forward the 500 tons of ammunition to General Pope's army. I will send a special messenger with it.


Captain and Assistant Quartermaster.

CENTREVILLE, August 30, 1862.

(Received September 1, a.m.)

[Major-General McCLELLAN:]

MY DEAR GENERAL: I send you copies of some orders under which I have moved lately. I advanced in pursuit of the enemy and struck the center of his line, especially under the direction of General Lee, and was whipped, as was the whole army, badly-that is, I was overpowered. Two of Morell's brigades were in action under Butterfield, and two of Sykes' (Buchanan and Chapman), and they did nobly. The latter lost by volunteers firing into them before passing through them. They were not sustained on the right, and had to retire. The Pennsylvania Reserves did beautifully. They show the advantage of being well led by Reynolds, Meade, Seymour, and Jackson. A battery was lost and retaken by them, but again lost after gallant resistance. Warren has only 187 men left-not one missing-and only 3 commissioned officers. We were driven from the field, and here we are, after marching all last night, strongly located in a position which, if the enemy shells, will cause slaughter; but I do not believe he will attack, but get in our rear, and compel us to attack him in well-selected place. The men are without heart, but will fight when cornered. To-day General Pope asked the question of the Government if arrangements had been made to protect Washington in case the army met with a disaster. He said to us (chief of corps present), when the reply was received, that he was glad the Government had decided the question for him, but we were to fight wherever the enemy was-meaning we were not to return to Alexandria, &c., as all forces were coming to us. I believe the decision was a general disappointment, except to him. However, we obey, and do what Halleck thinks is best. Pope says there are political considerations which control, not the safety of the army; but our men will not fight with heart when they know, if wounded (as we cannot retain the field against present odds), they are to be left to the care of the enemy. Pope sent in a flag to-day to get our wounded. I have many offi-