War of the Rebellion: Serial 018 Page 0648 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD. Chapter XXIV.

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object is to hold that line. If there is no large force at the lower fords Porter should push forward and re-enforce Pope in the direction of Sulphur Springs.


FALMOUTH, VA., August 24, 1862 - 2.20 p. m.

Major General H. W. HALLECK, General-in-Chief:

I omitted to mention this morning in my telegram that General Reynolds' division of Porter's corps has joined General Pope.


ALEXANDRIA, VA., August 24, 1862 - 2 a. m.

Colonel KELTON, Assistant Adjutant-General:

Colonel Haupt has shown me orders from General Halleck forbidding my interference with the railroad on pain of being dismissed. Of course I know not what Colonel Haupt may have telegraphed, but I have been very anxious to get away with my command, in obedience to verbal instructions from the general-in-chief. If Colonel Haupt had had the interest of the service at heart the mass of my division would be now at the Junction. I think he is making a point of some railroad technicalities which I do not understand, but which I know will unfortunately keep me here until he chooses to let me go.



ALEXANDRIA DEPOT, VA., August 24, 1862.

General H. W. HALLECK:

Your dispatch enabled me to resume operations on the road this morning. The blockade consequent upon the interference continued half a day. I have commenced sending forward General Sturgis' division, as General Hooker informed me that all of his troops had not arrived, and he seemed to be satisfied to get off this evening. We expect during the day and night to clear out all the troops here except the fresh arrivals, and take also some forage and stores, two trains of which are now going forward. The quartermaster informs me of the arrival of 20,000 more troops by transports and also a lot by rail. Our capacity, under favorable circumstances, is 12,000 troops per day; but accidents and detections will greatly reduce it. If the troops are to go by rail I should know the order in which they are to go and the points of destination. Please direct that the information be communicated to me so that I may arrange for it.


ALEXANDRIA, August 24, 1862 - 1.20 p. m.

P. H. WATSON, Assistant Secretary of War:

Please inform Secretary Stanton and General Halleck that another day is lost in our transportation by the neglect of General Sturgis' officers to load the cars furnished to them. Hearing nothing from the trains, I went in search of them, and found them still unloaded, and no possibility of moving anything until they were out of the way. I have seen General Sturgis and informed him that no more cars can be furnished him until all others are supplied. He frankly admitted it was