War of the Rebellion: Serial 018 Page 0519 Chapter XXIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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You now speak of your ability to clear out Monroe County if you have permission. By reference to my letters and dispatches you will find you have discretion to act when think you have a reasonable chance of success, giving me notice of your intended movements, or without notice in sudden emergencies. I am not sure that I understand your dispatch. Even if you do not move the body of your force, such active blows should be struck at detachments within reach as to end their taunting and make them exceedingly respectful.

My last letter referred only to general and permanent movements. I have ordered the remainder of the Ninth Virginia to report to you. Most of the Summerville garrison are appearing.

J. D. COX,

Brigadier-General, Commanding.

WASHINGTON, July 29, 1862.

Major-General McDOWELL:

An officer will be detailed from each army corps to act as ordnance officer at the headquarters thereof. It shall be the duty of this officer to see that each brigade in the corps d'armee is kept supplied with a full amount of ammunition, that is to say, 100 rounds per man for infantry, in addition to the 40 rounds in cartridge boxes; 250 rounds per gun for artillery, including that carried in the ammunition chests. Brigade quartermaster will act as the ordnance officers of their respective brigades, and will be responsible for the care, transportation, and issue of all ordnance and ordnance stores not immediately in the hands of troops. A trusty sergeant will be detailed for each brigade to assist the brigade quartermaster in his duties as ordnance officer. When issuers are made drawing largely on the reserve supplies, the brigade ordnance officer will report the kind and quantity of ammunition or other supplies drawn to the acting ordnance officer of the army corps to which they belong, who will make requisitions immediately to fill up those deficiencies for the brigade. The kind and caliber of arms must be stated distinctly on the face of all requisitions, as well as the number of brigade, division, and corps d'armee for which the stores are required. An enlisted man (mechanic) will be detached from each regiment to keep in repairs the arms of his regiment. He will receive, provided he be a good workman, the extra-duty allowance of 40 cents per diem.

By command of Major-General Pope:


Colonel and Chief of Staff.

FALMOUTH, July 29, 1862.

Colonel SCHRIVER, Chief of Staff:

A scout who was out to Gordonsville last week has just come in; he went to Orange Court-House and Gordonsville. He reports General Robertson with one brigade of cavalry and infantry at Orange Court-House; Jackson with 10,000 men or more about Gordonsville; Ewell with as many more some miles from Gordonsville, toward Charlottesville. The whole force in that quarter he estimated, from what he heard officers say, at 30,000 or 50,000. While at Gordonsville Sunday he saw