War of the Rebellion: Serial 018 Page 0468 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD. Chapter XXIV.

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my orders. My position was taken in obedience to an order by telegraph of the 9th instant, 12.30, and received 9.30 p. m., as follows:

The major-general commanding desires that you take post with your corps d'armee between Sperryville and Warrenton, your right flank resting at least 5 miles from Warrenton.

This was followed by an order from Colonel E. G. Beckwith, dated 9th July, to send my wagons to Warrenton for supplies instead of Front Royal, and one from Colonel Ruggles, 10th July, 11.25 a. m., and received 11th July, 12.50 p. m., when on the march, to the same effect; and an additional order, 10th July, and received 11th July, 12.50, to send all surplus stores to Alexandria. As these several orders seemed to be in answer to my inquiries, when in position near Amissville, 14 miles east of Sperryville, whether I should move nearer to Sperryville, it did not seem to admit of doubt that a position nearer to Warrenton was intended. I am mortified that this mistake should have occurred.

Orders were issued to-day to send back all surplus stores and for ten day's rations. We will march the 14th instant toward Sperryville. General Hatch understands he is to occupy Culpeper as his headquarters. He has the entire cavalry force, a full battery, and the infantry he desired, and will scout the country in advance as far as he is able. The detachments at Martinsburg will be ordered back. General Wool promised to relieve them long since.



HEADQUARTERS ARMY OF VIRGINIA, Washington, July 12, 1862-11.50 p. m.

Major General N. P. BANKS,

Commanding Second Corps d'Armee, near Sperryville:

What progress is being made by the regiments and battery ordered to be intrenched at Front Royal? What progress has been made in the occupation of Culpeper by your cavalry? Report daily full details of progress of movements.

It is desired that your army corps be encamped in line of battle in due form, and that every description of guard duty be performed strictly in conformity with army regulations.

by command of Major-General Pope:


Colonel and Chief of Staff.

HEADQUARTERS ARMY OF VIRGINIA, Washington, July 12, 1862-12.15 p. m.

Major General FRANZ SIGEL,

Commanding First Corps d'Armee, Front Royal, Va.:

The depot for supplies for your command will be at Warrenton. When you need subsistence stores send your wagons, with sufficient escort, to that place, and notify these headquarters thereof, that the necessary stores may be furnished.

The major-general commanding does not see the necessity of sending a regiment back to Front Royal, as General Banks has been ordered to intrench a regiment and one battery of artillery at that place. Gen-