War of the Rebellion: Serial 018 Page 0437 Chapter XXIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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and McDowell, together with the forces in and around Washington, now under command of Brigadier-General Sturgis. The headquarters of this command will be established for the present in Washington.


Major-General, Commanding.


Washington City, D. C., June 27, 1862.

Major-General BANKS, and

Major-General FREMONT:

Will you please inform me at once of the exact condition of your command; the quantity of supplies, of provisions, and of ammunition; the number of wagons to a regiment and to your supply train, and their condition, and all other information concerning your command which it is important to know.

I will say to you that I design to march at once, and everything should be arranged with that view.

Perhaps you had best send me your chief quartermaster, commissary, and ordnance officer to answer my inquiries.


Major-General, Commanding.

MIDDLETOWN, June 27, 1862-3.30 p. m.

(Received June 27, 1862, 4.45 p. m.)

General JOHN POPE:

Your dispatch received 2.45 p. m. The insecurity of our position has prevented the accumulation of supplies upon our line. Everything is to be had in plenty via Martinsburg from Cumberland and via Harper's Ferry from Baltimore. Williams' division is well supplied with transportation; 13 wagons to each regiment and 50 for each brigade train. General Sigel's division has less. There is sufficient for both if shelter-tents are supplied. Supply of ammunition is good. Will take several days to put all in good marching order. Quartermaster and commissary are at Winchester. Have informed them of your desire, and will communicate further to-night. Effective force 9,900, not including Fremont's; thirty-four guns. Williams' division opposite Front Royal. Sigel's on Shenandoah, east of Strasburg turnpike.


Major-General, Commanding.

MIDDLETOWN, June 27, 1862-12.30 p. m.

Honorable E. M. STANTON,

Secretary of War:

I respectfully ask that the President will relieve me of my present command. I submit for his consideration that the position assigned me by his recent order is subordinate and inferior to those hitherto conceded me, and not fairly corresponding with the rand I hold in the army. I further desire to call his attention to the fact that to remain in the subordinate command to which I am now assigned would virtually and largely reduce my rank and consideration in the service of