War of the Rebellion: Serial 018 Page 0363 Chapter XXIV. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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June 9, 1862-1 a. m.

Colonel SCHRIVER, Chief of Staff;

Delay all the movements of Ricketts' division till you get an answer from Shields, to know what he is going to do.

Press for an immediate answer.


Major-General, Commanding Department.

WASHINGTON, June 9, 1862.

Colonel SCHRIVER, Chief of Staff:

Say to General Shields that it is the order of the President that Major-General Fremont shall hold the valley in connection with Major-General Banks, and that the forces belonging to the Department of the Rappahannock be immediately marched on Richmond to co-operate with Major-General McClellan. It has been much desired by the President, and no doubt is still, that Jackson should be made to pay for his late dash down the valley, and if there is a reasonable expectation of his being caught, no doubt the order for the advance on Richmond would be suspended. It is not clear from Shields' report what is the position of his command at this time, except that he has only two of his brigades advanced, in which he has forgotten my instructions not to move his force so that the several parts should not always be in supporting distance of each other. It is inferred that the force he has at Port Republic is small, and that the party he is expecting to have at Waynesborough is only a bridge-burning force. If he is in hot pursuit and about to fall on the enemy, and can do so with reasonable chance of success and without relying on the troops at Front Royal, who are too far in the rear to support him in his extended movement, I am not disposed to recall him; but if, as I infer, he has only detachments thrown out to the front, he should not place his command out of the possibility of complying with the President's general plan of operation, but should at once call in his parties and move upon Fredericksburg, where he can be refitted for the march to Richmond.

Let this go in addition to your former reply and have the messenger start immediately for Luray.


Major-General, Commanding Department.

WASHINGTON, June 9, 1862-8.20 a. m.

Brigadier-General KING,

Commanding Division, Catlett's:

General Shields' extreme advance getting beyond supporting distance, and attacking a superior force of the enemy, has been repulsed with the loss of two pieces of artillery. As the general's command seems to have been a good deal divided, he may be obliged, if pushed, to fall back. Hold your division in readiness therefore to move on Luray on Front Royal, as the case may be.


Major-General, Commanding Department.