War of the Rebellion: Serial 017 Page 1048 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD. Chapter XXIV.

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Question. Do you remember distinctly that at that time the two officers were standing close to a fence, and that one of them was partially with his arm upon it?

Answer. They were standing close to a fence, on the right-hand side of the road going toward Manassas. General McDowell stood to the right of General King. As near as I can recollect, General King stood against the fence, with his arms in an easy manner.

Question. After delivering that message to the officer in question, did you, to the best of your recollection, see General King again until you saw him in this room?

Answer. I did not see General King, that I recollect, until I saw him the first day that he appeared in this room as a member of this court. I came in the room, and he sat by this window here, and I recognized in him the officer I met on that day with General McDowell.

Question. Your attention having been directed to the message and its delivery, as you have stated, did you, at the time of delivering it to General King, notice a resemblance in personal appearance to any other officer, and was that resemblance recalled to your mind again when you saw General King in this room?

Answer. Yes, sir. General King always reminds me of General Seymour.

Question. Are you entirely positive, as much as you can be of any fact, that you did deliver to General Porter, on the afternoon of the 29th of August, words which purported to be a message from General McDowell, to the effect that General King was to be taken away, and that he (General Porter) was to remain there where he was?

Answer. I am positively ceratin of it.

The examination by the accused here closed.

Examination by the COURT:

Question. Did General King make any reply to your message?

Answer. I think not in words. As near as I can recollect, General King deferred, by a motion of his hand or head, to General McDowell.

Question. Was this message from General McDowell to General Porter and order, or in the nature of an order?

Answer. I considered it so.

Question. Were you a staff officer of General Porter?

Answer. Yes, sir; his chief of staff.

Question. How long have you been in the service?

Answer. I have been actively engaged in service since the 19th of April, 1861.

Question. Have you had a military for fifteen or sixteen years.

Question. Are you sure that when you saw either of those two officers alone, you cold recognize General King from General Seymour?

Answer. Yes, sir; I know General Seymour intimately.

Question. Are you certain that the general officer you saw on the 29th of August with General McDowell was not General Seymour?

Answer. Yes, sir.

The examination of this witness here closed.