War of the Rebellion: Serial 017 Page 1044 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD. Chapter XXIV.

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Question. Have you any recollection that any one of the messages that you say General Porter sent you that day was borne by Colonel Locke?

Answer. Having said that I do not recollect seeing Colonel Locke at all during that day, of course that answers the question. What I meant when I said I might have seen that officer on that day, was simply this: There were many officers around General Porter, but I do not recollect that officer more than I do any of the others. I distinctly recollect seeing General Porter; that would very naturally make an impression on me. But who were around him, what officers were near him, I do not recollect.

Question. Have you any recollection of having been at or near General Pope's headquarters, with General Pope, on the afternoon of the 29th of August?

Answer. Yes, sir; afternoon, in one sense.

Question. About what time?

Answer. It was after the division had been ordered back to the Sudley Springs road, and north on that road toward the turnpike. It must have been somewhere in the vicinity of sundown that I first saw him. General Pope's headquarters, as I afterward learned them, were some distance from where I met him; that is to say, several hundred yards, on a hill by a wood. I did not see him at those headquarters until after nightfall.

Question. Do you know where General Pope's headquarters were on the 30th of August?

Answer. Yes.

Question. Were they at the same place where they were on the 29th, do you know?

Answer. I do not know where they were all the 29th. I fancy that on the morning of the 29th they were at one place, and they were changed several times during the day. I only knew where they were on the night of the 29th.

Question. Can you tell whether you met General Pope in the evening or afternoon of the 29th at a point near where his headquarters were on the morning of the 30th?

Answer. When I first met General Pope on the afternoon of the 29th, it was in the north west angle made by the Sudley Springs road with the Warrenton turnpike, and near their intersection. General Pope's headquarters that night and the next day were in the northeast angle made by those two roads, and I judge some 300 or 400 yards from their intersection, in the edge of a wood, on the top of quite sa high hill, on the north or left bank of Young's Branch.

Question. Have you any recollection that at the point you have spoken of as the point where you met General Pope on the afternoon of the 29th, any conversation took place between yourself and General Pope in reaction to the movement of one of your division to the right?

Answer. No, sir. The first order given to me by General Pope that afternoon, sent to me, I think, through General Elliott, I received beyond the woods on the Henry house hill, which order was to bring the division north, it being the intention, as I understood, to re-enforce General Reno, who was in on the right and in front of the then line. General Pope's order to me, personally, was to the effect that the enemy were falling back, and he directed me to send a division right up the Warrenton turnpike after them or at them, with the exception of Gibbon's brigade, which, in compliance with the previous order, went forward to re-enforce Reno, with the mass of the artillery of that division.

Question. Do you remember who was with you when you met General Pope on the afternoon or the evening of the 29th?

Answer. I do not. I will mention one thing: I had a very large staff, and it is impossible for me to recollect who were with me at one time or another, unless there is something particular to call my attention to it.

The examination by the accused here closed.