War of the Rebellion: Serial 017 Page 1043 Chapter XXIV. CAMPAIGN IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA.

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Question. Have you any recollection of having dismounted when you got to the neighborhood of Bethlehem church, after you left General Porter, and if there was any officer with you at that time near a fence?

Answer. I recollect distinctly having dismounted at the time referred to in the question, and that there were officers near me. I think it was under a tree. I have no recollection of a fence.

Question. Can you recollect the name of nay general officer who was with you at that time?

Answer. I think General Bayard was with me, or came to see me, and I think I may have received visits from different officers of my command; perhaps General Patrick, perhaps General Gibbon. I am merely naming different officers who may having seen them. I stopped at that place, and from that place sent out orders to get the corps on the Sudley Springs road, to other north. It was from that place that I sent the officers of my staff to get these different brigades, divisions, &c., on this road. But what officers may have come to see me, or may have been with me, for longer or shorter periods of time, I do not recollect. It was a matter that made no impression upon me at the time, for I was occupied with other matters of thought.

Question. Do you remember whether General King's division was there?

Answer. I do, most distinctly.

Question. Hid division being there, if the general was there, do you not think it probable he would have been with you on that occasion?

Answer. The general was not in command of his division during the whole of that day. But when he left the command of that division I do not know. If he had been there, it is more than likely I would have seen him.

Question. Do you recollect whether on that occasion you wore a blouse over your uniform?

Answer. Upon my word, I do not recollect.

Question. Are you in the habit of wearing it on such occasions?

Answer. On what occasions?

Question. During a battle or while traveling.

Answer. That depends upon circumstances, whether I am cold or whether it is raining, &c. I sometimes do and sometimes do not. That is all the answer I can give.

Question. can you recollect whether on that day you received any message or order at all from General Porter?

Answer. Yes, sir; I received messages from him on that day.

Question. Can you tell the court particularly about any one of those messages?

Answer. I answered one of his messages in writing, but I have no copy of that note. I do not know whether I wrote it, or whether it was written by another, and signed by me. I think his notes were asking how the battle was going on, or what was the condition of things over with us, so far as I can recollect.

Question. Did you know at that time, or do you now know, Colonel Locke, who is the assistant adjutant-general of General Porter?

Answer. I have been told that he is; and if he is the same person that I saw at General Porter's headquarters, at Upton's Hill, as his adjutant-general, I know him. I think I met him here to-day in the ante-chamber.

Question. Can you tell the court if your have any recollection of having seen that officer at all on the 29th of August?

Answer. It is very likely I saw him; but if I did, it made no impression on my mind more than many other officers whom I saw.