War of the Rebellion: Serial 017 Page 1034 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD. Chapter XXIV.

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country road running from the railroad up to the old Bull Run battle-field?

Answer. Yes,sir. It may be called the Gainesville road. I call it the Hay Market road.

The examination by the court here closed.

Examination by the ACCUSED:

Question. Are you a native of Virginia?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. How often had you been in that part of Virginia before?

Answer. I had been there some four or five times. I had traveled over the Bull Run battle-field and to Catlett's Station, and from there up through to the valley of Virginia. I was once down as far as Fredericksburg. I had been on several scouts through that part of the country.

Question. Are you a native of Ohio?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. At what point did you meet General McDowell when you were first going to General Porter?

Answer. He was on the road running from the stone house, on the Bull Run battlefield, out to what I call the Hay Market road, about 2 miles on the road form the stone house.

Question. What troops were with him, if any?

Answer. I did not notice any of the troops very close to him. There were a few orderlies with him. He appeared as if he had come from the right of the road as we were going out. I supposed that the troops that were in there were his own troops.

Question. I understand you to have stated that you went with Captain Pope, who was the bearer of the order, the entire distance between the headquarters of General Pope and where you found General Porter?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Can you tell the court how many roads you traveled, if you traveled more than one?

Answer. We left one road, that appeared to bear a little to our right, and turned a little to our left and went up around-I forget now whether it was a brick house or what it was-some kind of a farm-house that had been kind of destroyed. In going across this distance, it appeared as if there had never been any main road the through there. I had been shown the road before by a quite. In coming up to this farm-house, we struck the road, and went right straight our to where we found General Porter.

Question. Then you traveled two roads?

Answer. It was either the road forked there or it was two roads, for the road that went across there seemed as if it was not much traveled.

Question. When you came to the fork that you speak of, what caused you to turn down the fork?

Answer. Leave the forked road, do you mean?

Question. Yes, sir.

Answer. That was the road I had been shown before; I could not state exactly the time when, but it was at the time that General Shields marched through there. I passed over that road with a guide, and he told me that was a little neared road to get out to the Hay Market road.

Question. By the Hay Market road are we to understand you as meaning the Gainesville road?

Answer. I call it the Hay Market road. It is the direct road we travel running from Manassas Junction to Hay Market, and so on up to Front Royal.