War of the Rebellion: Serial 017 Page 1033 Chapter XXIV. CAMPAIGN IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA.

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Question. Was it after sundown when you left the second time?

Answer. It could not have been far from sunset, but it was not dark.

Question. The question is, was it after sundown?

Answer. I could not state positively; it might have been after sundown; it was not far from sundown.

Question. What was the distance from General Pope's headquarters to where you found General Porter?

Answer. About 5 miles, as near as I could judge from traveling the road.

Question. How much of the way did you gallop?

Answer. That is more than I can tell you. We went as fast as we could from the nature of the road, and as we thought our horses could travel.

Question. Do you remember whether you trotted, or walked, or galloped the most of the way?

Answer. We had to go a great deal of the way quite slow, on account of the road being very bad-rough in places.

Question. Did you gallop any at all?

Answer. Yes, sir; we did. I recollect of galloping some. In other places we had to go quite slow.

Question. Where was General Porter when you left the second time?

Answer. That I could not state. I do not recollect of seeing General Porter the second time. I did not take notice. I could not state positively whether he was there or not, because I did not take any particular notice whether he was there or not.

Question. Did you see anything of the enemy in passing form General

Pope to General Porter, or on your return? Answer. No, sir; I did not. I heard firing on our right a part of the way going out and when we turned back. I still heard firing on our left as we came back.

Question. Can you state the position of General Pope with respect to the right of the enemy commanded by Jackson?

Answer. I should judge that General Pope was past the center of the enemy, toward the left of the enemy. The position of the troops on General Pope's left I could not exactly state.

Question. Did you see about where the right of Jackson's force was at that time?

Answer. All I judged about his right was from the firing, which I judged was not more than a mile and a half from where we started to where I heard the firing. I made inquiry of what troops were in there, and Captain Pope told me, but I have forgotten what they were.

Question. How far was it from where you found General Porter, and where the dispatch was delivered to him, to the right of Jackson's army?

Answer. To where I supposed Jackson's right was would be about three miles and a half, I should judge. I do not know that it was there, but that was where I heard the firing. Question. Where was General Porter?

Answer. General Porter was on the Hay Market road, right where the road came out form the Bull Run battle-field, running from the stone house on the battle-field of Bull Run to Manassas Junction. It intersected with the Hay Market road right there at the railroad.

Question. In what direction does the Hay Market road run? Is it the