War of the Rebellion: Serial 017 Page 1032 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD. Chapter XXIV.

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Question. Was Captain Pope overtaken on his return, and requested to go back to General Porter?

Answer. He was met, as I understood, as I understood, by another message, and went back with that.

Question. Where were you in the mean time?

Answer. At the time we were met by the other message, as I understood it, I had asked leave of Captain Pope to stop and get a drink of water at a well, and he sent an orderly to let me know that he was going back again, and I joined Captain Pope close to where the well was, and went back.

Question. Have i any recollection of the appearance of the sun?

Can you recall the hour by that? Or have you any impression as to the hour except that derived from the time that you supposed you occupied in riding from General Pope to General Porter?

Answer. I do not think I particularly noticed the sun. I noticed when we started, in connection with the distance we had to go, and I said we would have to go in a hurry, or we would be in the night in getting back.

Question. When did you start back from General Porter?

Answer. I think we started back the first time at the well. We did not stop long at General Porter's headquarters the second time, and I think it was between 6 and 7 o'clock- nearly 7 o'clock-when we started back the second time; it was getting dusk.

Question. Was it dark when you got back to General Pope's?

Answer. Yes, sir; it was dark.

Question. Did you stop on the way the second time you started back?

Answer. We stopped at General McDowell's headquarters.

Question. How long do you think you staid there?

Answer. I reckon about 20 minutes. We found the headquarters pretty close together.

Question. Did you steep anywhere else before you got back to General Pope?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. Was it fully dark when you got back to General Pope?

Answer. Yes, sir; it was fully dark; some little time after dark that for a part of the road it was as much as I could do to distinguish the marks by which I knew the road.

Question. Did you see the order delivered into the hands of General Porter?

Answer. Yes, sir; I saw him take the order from Captain Pope.

Question. Was he in his tent or out of doors?

Answer. He was lying down under a shade tree when he took the order.

Question. Did he change his position upon reading the order, or did he continue to lie down?

Answer. I cannot state positively whether he rose to his feet or not, but at the time he was reading the order I noticed that he was lying in this position on the ground [describing him as lying resting on his elbow, his head upon his hand].

Question. Did you leave him lying down on the ground when you came away?

Answer. Yes, sir. Captain Pope also sat down, and they talked; had some little considerable conversation.