War of the Rebellion: Serial 017 Page 1021 Chapter XXIV. CAMPAIGN IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA.

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Question. About what time in the evening did he arrive?

Answer. It was after sunset.

Question. And about what time did he leave?

Answer. I do not think that he remained there more than twenty or twenty-five minutes, at the outside.

Question. Do you know what direction he took when returning?

Answer. It was a road which crosses the railroad, and comes out to the road that we came in from the junction, going out on the Gainesville road; I believe it forms a junction there with the Gainesville road, and bears off toward Bull Run. It was the road we took the next morning to go to Bull Run.

Question. Did you go after him a second time and bring him back?

Answer. I did; started him back.

Question. At what hour, or about what time, did he return?

Answer. I suppose he returned immediately, because I told him he would find General Porter in precisely the same position that he had been in before.

Question. How was sit with reference to the darkness of the evening?

Answer. I rode on pretty rapidly, and I found Captain Pope had got between a quarter and a half a mile beyond. There were quite a number of officers on the road, and I had to ride up close to Captain Pope to see who he was it was so dark at that time.

Question. Did you see him when he arrived the first time?

Answer. I did.

Question. Do you know by which road he came?

Answer. I do not.

Question. Did he start to go back on the Sudley Springs road, the road that he finally took?

Answer. No, sir; he was bearing off down the railroad, toward Manassas Junction.

Question. Who changed him form that direction?

Answer. I told him to take the left-hand road, and then Mr. Weld went down to the road with him, to shaw him which road to take. I was starting to go myself.

The examination by the accused here closed.

Examination by the JUDGE-ADVOCATE:

Question. You say that Captain Pope arrived after sunset. How much after?

Answer. I cannot tell you exactly the time. I know that it was after sunset, because he was there only the short time I have mentioned, and when I went after him to bring him back it was quite dusk, and I had to go up close to him in order to recognize him.

Question? How far did you follow him before he was overtaken?

Answer. I followed him between a quarter and a half a mile; not more than a half a mile and not less a quarter.

Question. Did you find him moving on the road, or stopping at a well where there was water?

Answer. He was moving on the road. He had got past the house where the well was.

Question. For what purpose were you sent to call him back?

Answer. I was sent to call him back. General Porter gave me a message for him which I have entirely forgotten. It has escaped my memory, because, after he gave it to me, General Porter said, "Never mind; just tell him to come back to me," and I did not charge my memory with it.