War of the Rebellion: Serial 017 Page 1010 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD. Chapter XXIV.

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when General Porter received a dispatch or order from General Pope, at or near Bethlehem church?

Answer. No, sir; I was not.

The examination of this witness was here closed.

Brigadier General JOHN BUFORD called by the accused, and sworn and examined as follows:


Question. What rank did you hold in the army commanded by General Pope during the last summer, in Virginia?

Answer. Brigadier-general of volunteers and chief of cavalry in the Second Corps.

Question. Do you recollect whether, on or about the 29th of August last, you made a report to General McDowell that a portion of Longstreet's command had left Gainesbille, and were traveling along the Gainesville road?

Answer. Yes, sir; I did.

Question. What portion did you state were so marching?

Answer. Seventeen regiments of infantry, one battery of artillery, and about 500 cavalry.

Question. Did you see the force yourself?

Answer. I did.

Question. And you reported from your own observation?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. What did you suppose was the extent of their entire force, or the average size of their regiments, as they came under your view?

Answer. I thought the regiments would average about 800 men each.

Question. At what hour of the 29th of August did you make that report to General McDowell?

Answer. Between 9 and 10 o'clock in the morning.

Question. At what time did the enemy's force leave Gainesville?

Answer. I think it must have got clear of Gainesville by 9 o'clock; that is, the organized force. There were some stragglers following.

The examination by the accused here closed.

Examination by the JUDGE-ADVOCATE:

Question. From what direction did this force move?

Answer. They came from Thoroughfare Gap, I supposed. They took me in rear beyond Hay Market, toward Thoroughfare Gap, and came up the road on toward Centreville.

Question. Did that take them on toward Groveton?

Answer. They went up the pike from Gainesville toward Centreville.

Question. Did any part of the force come down the Gainesville road in the direction of Mannassas Junction?

Answer. No, sir. A few of their skirmishers may have crossed the pike and gone in that direction for 200 or 300 yards, but not farther.

Question. Were the forces you saw in motion, or were they taking position at any time?

Answer. They were not taking position that I saw.