War of the Rebellion: Serial 017 Page 1000 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD. Chapter XXIV.

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Question. Did he read it in your presence?

Answer. Not that I know of.

Question. Did you see any order delivered to him by this messenger?

Answer. I saw a communication delivered to him; I do not know whether it was this order or not.

Question. How long did you remain with General Porter on that occasion, after the receipt of this order?

Answer. I continued with him from that time all night.

Question. At what place was this order received?

Answer. At a place called Bethlehem church, I think; I know it was.

Question. You had, then as I understand you to say, no knowledge that a positive order had been given by General Pope on that afternoon for General Porter to attack the enemy on their right flank?

Answer. I had no such knowledge.

Question. Where was your command at that time?

Answer. My command, at the time of the reception of this order, lay between Bethlehem church, on the Gainesville road, and the position, probably a mile in front, that we had reached in moving out on that road. I was immediately behind General Morell's troops on that road.

Question. Was the order which was received at Warrenton Junction on the night of the 27th, and which was the occasion of General Porter's calling his generals together, read in their hearing?

Answer. I do nit know that it was read; I think General Porter passed it to us all; I think we all read it.

Question. Do you remember whether you were made acquainted with the urgent language of the order, stating that by all means General Porter must be at Bristoe Station by daylight the next morning?

Answer. No, sir, I think not; for I am satisfied that, if that urgency had been made known to us, we would have moved at the hour prescribed.

Question. I will read the order in your hearing, so that you may be enabled to say whether you remember the terms of the order as having been made known to you at that time. [The judge-advocate then read the order referred to, as set out in specification first of charge first.] Do you recall that order as one with terms of which you were made acquainted at that time?

Answer. I suppose it is, but I cannot recollect it at this distance?

Question. Do you, or not, believe that the terms of that order are sufficiently urgent, so that if they had been impressed upon you at that time you would have felt it to be the duty of the command to advance in accordance with it?

Answer. Well, sir knowing the obstacles that we would have to encounter, taking into consideration the darkness of the night, and believing, as I did, that we could reach the point we were desired to reach by moving at daylight as well as at that hour, those considerations would have influenced me, as they did, not to move until dawn.

Question. Did General Porter criticize the military conduct, capacity, or generalship of General Pope unfavorably during the days of the 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th of August last, in your hearing?

Answer. I cannot say that he did.

The examination by the judge-advocate here closed.