War of the Rebellion: Serial 017 Page 0989 Chapter XXIV. CAMPAIGN IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA.

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Question. The question supposes that there was to be no artillery; it relates to infantry alone.

Answer. It is probable that we would have got through one brigade of Morell's division.

Question. Have you stated that on the morning of the 30th you had reasons to believe that General Sykes had taken a different route from the one that you took?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Why did you not follow the road that you thought that General Sykes had taken?

Answer. I went with my commanding officer (General Morell). I had nothing to do with the direction at all. I was merely a subordinate.

Question. You have been asked whether infantry without artillery could have made their way, on the night of the 27th of August and on the morning of the 28th, to Bristoe Station; will you state whether, in your opinion, any officer receiving an order of that description would have moved without his artillery unless he was specially ordered to do so?

Answer. Most certainly not.

Question. Was General Morell present on the 30th, when you received the information from the man of whom you have spoken as to the route taken by the regulars?

Answer. He was not.

Question. At what time on the 30th, if at all, did you move from Centreville toward the battle-field?

Answer. I should think about 5 o'clock in the afternoon.

Question. What prevented your getting to the field?

Answer. The road was blocked up by wagons and stragglers coming toward Centreville, and the bridge at Cub Run was broken through, so that it was impossible to get past it at all.

Question. Did you go to the bridge, or how far did you go?

Answer. I got to the bridge with the head of my brigade.

Question. You have stated that the enemy, as you supposed from the columns of dust, were moving in the direction of which you have spoken; would you have known whether they were forming in your front, or would the reports, if any, have been made to your commanding officer (General Morell)?

Answer. I suppose that it would have been reported to General Morell, though I do not know. I cannot state what other officers would do under similar circumstances.

Question. You have been asked how far you went when you were retreating on the evening of the 29th. Did you understand your corps to be retreating at all that night?

Answer. No; I do not know that I did. I supposed that we were going to change position somehow; that we had failed to get through on the right during the day, and that we were going to shift to some other position; where, I did not know. We did not connect with anything on our right or on our left.

Question. Had you an opportunity of seeing General Porter from the time he joined the command of General Pope, and of witnessing his actual conduct on the march?

Answer. I saw General Porter several times.