War of the Rebellion: Serial 017 Page 0988 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD. Chapter XXIV.

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in our front, but were some distance from us to our right and to the left of Centreville. That was my impression; of course, I do not know.

Question. Did, or not, the order which you received from General Morell to march to Centreville on the morning of the 30th emanate from General Porter?

Answer. That I did not know at the time. General Morell showed me, on the afternoon of the 30th, about 4 o'clock, the order he had received to follow Sykes.

Question. On the march from Warrenton Junction to Bristoe Station, on the morning of the 28th of August, what was the position of your brigade in the corps of General Porter?

Answer. I started out ahead, but I halted. After that the regulars (Sykes' division) were moving toward Bristoe Station, and passed us. After that I occupied the center of General Morell's division; was the second brigade in the division.

Question. At what time in the day of the 29th of August did General McDowell ride up and have a conference with General Porter, and at what time did he leave?

Answer. General McDowell rode up, I should judge, somewhere between 12 and 1 o'clock, and he remained there, I should think, a half an hour. That is my recollection.

Question. What was the position of your brigade in the division of General Morell, when marching in column toward Gainesville, on the 29th of August?

Answer. I was in front.

Question. What distance did General Morell's division move in retreat on the afternoon of the 29th, previous to the order for attacking the enemy?

Answer. I should think my brigade, as I have stated, moved a mile and a half or two miles; not far from a mile and a half. I do not think the battery left the hill at all.

Question. You have stated that you did not think it judicious to leave your position on the morning of the 28th until daylight; would you not have considered it judicious to move at 1 o'clock in case you had had positive orders from your commanding general to do so?

Answer. All orders should be obeyed when it is practicable to obey them. It certainly was not practicable to move a large body of troops at 1 o'clock on the night of the 27th or the morning of the 28th, and over a road about which we had no knowledge.

Question. You stated that the enemy were going to your right and rather to the left of Centreville; would or would not that line of march have taken them to the battle-field on your right and rear to Groveton?

Answer. I do not know where Groveton is. I have never passed over the pike between Gainesville and Centreville, except from Bull Run to Centreville.

Question. Will you look at the map which is on the table, and see if you cannot answer that question more satisfactorily?

Answer. [Having looked at the map.] According to this map, it would have taken them somewhere in the neighborhood of Groveton.

Question. Would it have been practicable to have moved infantry toward Bristoe Station had the march been commenced at 1 o'clock on the morning of the 28th-such a body of infantry as was at Warrenton Junction at that time?

Answer. If we had got into the road and started at 1 o'clock, the first brigade would probably have got there if the road had been clear. We always march first a brigade, then a battery, then a brigade, and then a battery, and so on. The first battery would have blocked the road somewhere, so that the rest would have had to remain until daylight before they could move; probably at the first run, right there in our own camp.