War of the Rebellion: Serial 017 Page 0985 Chapter XXIV. CAMPAIGN IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA.

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After some time the court was reopened, and the judge-advocate announced that the court decide that the witness proceed in his testimony; the court expect that the accused will confine the witness, as nearly as possible, to the subjects under investigation by this court.

Examination resumed by the ACCUSED:

Question. Do you know that the enemy were, in point of fact, retiring at the time you saw General Morell?

Answer. I feel very positive that he was not retiring just at dark.

Question. Did your command spend the night in the place they then occupied, or very near it?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. About what hour the next morning did you commence to move?

Answer. Just as day was beginning to break.

Question. What did you know of the direction you were to take?

Answer. I understood from the staff officer that brought me the order that the division was to follow General Sykes.

Question. Please to state now, as briefly as possible, what route you took, and how it happened that you reached Centreville.

Answer. We went back the same road we came down from Manassas Junction. I went with my command to Centreville, by direction of my commanding officer (General Morell), who accompanied me.

Question. Do you know what route General Sykes took?

Answer. I do not, except from hearsay.

Question. In proceeding, as you did, toward Centreville, did you, or not, suppose that you were following on after General Sykes?

Answer. I supposed we would find the entire corps at Centreville when we arrived there.

Question. Did you see any other forces belonging to General Porter's corps on the way?

Answer. Near Manassas Junction we passed General Strugis, with Piatt's brigade. He said that he had been directed to follow Sykes, and wanted to know which way he had gone.

Question. Did you take the road which you did take in the belief that it was the road that Sykes had taken, or that it would lead you to the same place where Sykes had gone?

Answer. I took the road, believing that we would all meet at Centreville. I have reasons to believe that General Sykes took another road.

Question. When you say that you have reasons to believe that Sykes took another road, do you mean that you have reasons now, or that you had at the time?

Answer. I had at the time.

Question. What reasons had you at the time for thinking that he had taken a different road?

Answer. As we were going up the road, a man with his hat and coat off stood by the side of the road, and said, "The regulars-Martindale's and Butterfield's brigades-went this road." That is the only reason I had to believe that they took a different road.

Question. Were you present at the headquarters of General Porter on the evening of the 27th of August?

Answer. No, sir.

The examination by the accused here closed.