War of the Rebellion: Serial 017 Page 0960 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD. Chapter XXIV.

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Question. Did, or did not, General McDowell have an interview on the road with General Porter subsequent to this time?

Answer. About 10 o'clock in the morning.

Question. I mean subsequent to the one of which you have spoken-in the direction of Gainesville.

Answer. After they had had this private interview, they rode off together across the railroad into the woods, which were on the other sid of the railroad; there the two generals separated. I rode off with General Porter after they returned.

Question. From this interview, then, as I understand you, General McDowell proceeded down in the direction of Bethlehem church?

Answer. I suppose so.

Question. And you have no knowledge of any subsequent interview between them on that day?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. Did you bear it to him immediately?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. And at what hour do you suppose it reached him?

Answer. I lost no time in returning; I could not have been over a half an hour in getting to our position, where I had left General Porter.

Question. That would bring it to 2 o'clock or half-past 2?

Answer. It was after that, at least, I think it was.

Examination by the judge-advocate here closed.

Examination by the COURT:

Question. In case of an order for the movement of troops at a specified time, to meet an emergency, would a report of bad roads be a reason for commencing the march before or after the time fixed in the order, if the time is to be varied from at all?

Answer. If the time were to be varied from, it would be better to have it prior to the time fixed than after.

Question. At what hour of the night did the report of the condition of the road from Warrenton Junction to Bristoe Station reach General Porter?

Answer. About 8 o'clock in the evening, as nearer as I can recollect.

Question. Did, or did not, General Porter attack the enemy on the 29th of August, in accordance with the order from General Pope, borne by Captain Pope?

Answer. He did not. He gave the order for the attack.

Question. Did, or did not, General Morell make any attack upon the enemy after he received the order you bore to him on the 29th of August, and what reply did he make to that order when delivered?

Answer. After delivering the order to him, he proceeded at once to move up his troops for the purpose of making the attack, but the attack was not made. When the order was delivered to him, he said he thought it was too late to do much of anything.

Question. Do you know why he thought it was too late?

Answer. It was in reference to the lateness of the day.