War of the Rebellion: Serial 017 Page 0957 Chapter XXIV. CAMPAIGN IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA.

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Question. Did he get any, and, if so, how many, afterward while on the march?

Answer. At Catlett's Station a detachment of the First Maine Regiment was assigned to him.

Question. Have you any knowledge that Captain Pope arrived at General Porter's headquarters with an order?

Answer. I know that on the evening of the 29th of August a staff officer arrived from General Pope, who, I was afterward told, was Captain Pope.

Question. Were you present when that staff officer communicated with General Porter?

Answer. I was.

Question. What occured?

Answer. He handed the general a note, which I afterward ascertained was an order for him to attack the enemy at once. He very soon afterward ordered me to ride up to General Morell, and direct him to move forward and attack the enemy immediately, and to say that he would be up himself right after me.

Question. At what time was that message from General Pope delivered to General Porter?

Answer. Between sundown and dusk.

Question. How far was General Morell's division from General Porter's headquarters at that time?

Answer. About a mile and a half.

Question. Do you think you could point out upon the map the location of General Morell's force at that time?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Will you be kind enough to do so upon the map before the court?

Answer. The witness did so.

Question. What was the position of the enemy in your front; or were they in your front?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Will you indicate upon the map their position?

Answer. The witness did so.

Question. Were you attached to General Porter's staff, and with him or his corps, the whole time he was under the command of General Pope?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Have you any knowledge that another order was received on the evening of the 29the of August, after the delivery of the order you have just spoken of?

Answer. There was an order received very early the next morning.

Question. How early?

Answer. About half-past 3 o'clock.

Question. What was that order?

Answer. For him to march at once to the battle-field.

Question. What did General Porter do after receiving that order?

Answer. He sent an officer to General Morell, to direct him to bring in his pickets