War of the Rebellion: Serial 017 Page 0953 Chapter XXIV. CAMPAIGN IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA.

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Question. You say you bore a verbal message back to General Porter, and also a written one?

Answer. All the messages I received were verbal. I wrote them down, and sent them back by orderlies. The first one from General Hatch reached General Porter by the orderly; the second did not.

Question. What was the first message?

Answer. It was from General Hatch, saying, "We have driven the enemy into the woods."

Question. Can you remember the hour at which you sent off that message, and can you tell at what hour it probably reached General Porter?

Answer. I think I sent the one from General Hatch at from a quarter to ten minutes before 5 o'clock. It was before I saw General Pope. I do not know how long it took the orderly to get there. If the went directly back, I think he must have got there by a quarter to 6 o'clock.

Question. Was, or was not, the note which you bore to General McDowell and General King of the same import as the one that I showed you? If not, in what respects do they differ?

Answer. I do not remember anything in regard to going back to Manassas. In the note I carried, General porter speaks of clouds of dust, as in the one showed me here. The note I carried began, "Morell will soon be strongly engaged," and that was also the verbal message that I took.

Question. Was, or was not, this after the engagement of General Morell with the rebel battery?

Answer. It was after.

Question. Were, or were not, the forces falling back at that time?

Answer. No, sir; they had halted.

Examination by the judge-advocate was here closed.

Examination by the COURT:

Question. Was General Morell engaged with the enemy after you started with that note?

Answer. I do not know.

The examination of this witness was here closed.

The court thereupon adjourned to 11 a. m. on Friday next.

WASHINGTON, D. C., December 26, 1862.

The court met pursuant to adjournment.

Present, Major General D. Hunter, U. S. Volunteers; Major General E. A. Hitchcock, u. S. Volunteers; Brigadier General Rufus King, U. S. Volunteers; Brigadier General B. M. Prentiss, U. S. Volunteers; Brigadier General James B. Ricketts, U. S. Volunteers; Brigadier General Silas Casey, U. S. Volunteers; Brigadier General James A. Garfield, U. S. Volunteers; Brigadier General N. B. Buford, U. S. Volunteers; Brigadier General J. B. Slough, U. S. Volunteers; and Colonel J. Holt, Judge-Advocate General.

The accused, with his counsel, was also present.

The minutes of the last session were read and approved.

The accused, in accordance with notice given at the last meeting of the court, submitted a protest, which was read, against the decision of the court excluding certain telegrams, messages, &c., sent by the accused to General Burnside, and asking that the court reverse its former decision.

At the request of a member, the court was cleared.