War of the Rebellion: Serial 017 Page 0952 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD. Chapter XXIV.

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Examination by the JUDGE-ADVOCATE:

Question. Will you look at this paper [handing witness original of joint note from General Porter to Generals McDowell and King, which is set forth on page 116 of the record], and say whether you recognize it as the one you bore to General McDowell and General King on the occasion you have referred to?

Answer. [After examining it.] I do not think that is the one. The one I took, General Pope put in his vest pocket.

Question. At what point did you say General Porter's command was when you set out with the note you refer to?

Answer. A part of the force was in a road between the junction of the Sudley Springs road and the road to Gainesville, and the rest of it was up to the front, in the direction of Gainesville, where General Porter had left it when we came down there.

Question. What enables you to remember the precise hour when you set out; did you look at your watch?

Answer. I looked at my watch. It was either five minutes of or five minutes past 4 o'clock, I am not certain which; and then, in addition to that, the time I staid in the front until I came down to where General Porter was.

Question. Did you, or not, look at your watch when you were with General Pope and General McDowell, so as to enable you to speak as to the hour of that interview?

Answer. I do not remember of looking at it then.

Question. What hour do you suppose it to have been when you delivered this note to General Pope?

Answer. It was at least 5 o'clock.

Question. Did you set out immediately upon your return to General Porter's headquarters?

Answer. No, sir; I waited about five minutes before I started.

Question. How long a time do you suppose you occupied in returning?

Answer. I think I was at least an hour and a half. I came back by a different road from what I went; and I did not go direct to General Porter, for he had told me that I would find him up to the front. I came out near Bethlehem church, and went up to the front; and, not finding him there, I came back, and reached General Porter where I had left him.

Question. Was it dark then?

Answer. No, sir; it was not dark. I should call it dusk-between sunset and dark.

Question. Did you say that on your return you found there the messenger from General Pope?

Answer. No, sir; he was not there when I returned. He came there after I got back.

Question. How long after?

Answer. About fifteen minutes, according to my recollection.

Question. Was it dark when that messenger returned?

Answer. It was not dark, but it was pretty near it, for I remember that he could not see this road; I had to go out to the railroad and show it to him.

Question. You know nothing of his having been there before?

Answer. No, sir. I think that was the first time he had been there.

Question. What reason have you to believe that it was the first time?

Answer. Because I saw General Porter reading a note just after the messenger arrived there; and just after that I saw him writing a note, and then I saw him mount his horse and ride away toward the front, and I judged from that that the messenger had just arrived there with the order.