War of the Rebellion: Serial 017 Page 0906 OPERATIONS IN N.VA., W.VA., AND MD. Chapter XXIV.

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Question. Did he, or not, with his command, take any part in that battle?

Answer. I do not know of my own knowledge.

Question. What would probably have been the effect upon the fortunes of that battle if, between 5 and 6 o'clock in the afternoon, General Porter, with his whole force, had thrown himself upon the right wing of the enemy, as directed in this order of 4.30 p.m. of the 29th of August, which has been read to you?

Answer. Is it a mere opinion that you ask?

Question. Yes, sir.

Answer. I think it would have been decisive in our favor.

Question. Did any considerable portion of the Confederate forces attack General Pope's left on Saturday, passing over the ground that General Porter would have passed over had he attacked the enemy's right on Friday?

Answer. I cannot say. They may have done so. I do not know.

Question. All the localities of which you have spoken in your testimony are in the State of Virginia, are they not?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Examination by the judge-advocate here closed.

Examination by the ACCUSED:

Question. Will you say whether you found General Porter's corps in the position where you expected to find it when you joined him the first time you saw him on the 29th of August?

Answer. I did not think anything about it; it was not a question with me.

Question. State it, when you found him at the place where the joint order required him to be, you stated to him,or thought, that you found in his front a different state of affairs than you had expected to find.

Answer. I do not recollect of such a statement.

Question. Try to recollect if, upon that occasion, you did not say to him, in substance, that he was too far in the front, and that the position in which he was was not a position in which to fight a battle, or anything to that effect?

Answer. I do not recollect.

Question. Are you sure you did not?

Answer. I have no recollection of any question about that place not being the one to fight a battle. Something may have been said about not going farther toward Gainesville, with reference to falling behind Bull Run that night.

Question. If anything was said in relation to the facility of getting back to Bull Run that night, do you remember whether it was that the accused was too far in the front, or would be too far in the front if he moved farther on?

Answer. It was hardly a question of going farther on. It was more a question of turnpike to the right and going against the enemy, then passing down the Warrenton turnpike.

Question. You say that something might have been said by the accused about getting back to Bull Run; are you to be understood as saying from recollection that he was told to keep in view his ability to get back to Bull Run/

Answer. That was the expression in the joint order.