War of the Rebellion: Serial 017 Page 0865 Chapter XXIV. CAMPAIGN IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA.

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Examination by the COURT:

Question. Were you awake so as to speak of the character of the night after 11 o'clock and before you arose in the morning?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. Do you know how often the column halted in the march and how long those halts were?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. How long a time elapsed from the time the head of the column started from Warrenton Junction till the head of the column arrived at Bristoe Station?

Answer. I should judge from five to six hours. I cannot say positively.

Question. Was the column closed up, or can you say whether the mass of the troops of the column, substantially, arrived at Bristoe at that time?

Answer. I cannot say; I acted as guide of the troops, and was at the head of the column all the time. The road runs through the woods a part of the way, and part of the way through an undulating country of small hills and valleys, so that I could not tell whether the troops were closed up or not.

Question. Did any portion of the infantry march along the railroad track?

Answer. I think not. I am not aware that they did. Occasionally, in crossing runs, they would take the railroad track to avoid getting wet.

Question. Did the artillery march with the column?

Answer. I presume in the rear of the column. I do not know.

The examination of this witness here closed.

Whereupon the court adjourned to 11 a. m. to-morrow.

WASHINGTON, D. C., December 9, 1862.

The court met pursuant to adjournment.

Present, Major General D. Hunter, U. S. Volunteers; Major General E. A. Hitchcock, U. S. Volunteers; Brigadier General Rufus King, U. S. Volunteers; Brigadier General B. M. Prentiss, U. S. Volunteers; Brigadier General James B. Ricketts, U. S. Volunteers; Brigadier General Silas Casey, U. S. Volunteers; Brigadier General James A. Garfield, U. S. Volunteers; Brigadier General N. B. Buford, U. S. Volunteers; Brigadier General J. P. Slough, U. S. Volunteers; and Colonel J. Holt, Judge-Advocate-General.

The minutes of the last session were then read and approved.

Brigadier General B. S. ROBERTS was then called by the Government, and sworn and examined as follows:


Question. Will you state to the court what is your present rank, and what your duties in the Army of the United States?

Answer. I hold the rank of major in a regiment of cavalry in the Army of the United States, a brevet lieutenant-colonelcy in the Army, and the rank of brigadier-general of volunteers in the volunteer service.

Question. Will you state whether or not you accompanied General Pope's army in its late campaign in Virginia; and, if so, in what capacity?

Answer. I accompanied that army first as chief of its cavalry; afterward as its inspector-general.