War of the Rebellion: Serial 017 Page 0843 Chapter XXIV. CAMPAIGN IN NORTHER VIRGINIA.

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Question. "Co-operation" and "support" are the two words in that paper.

Answer. I do not know that I stated to him that I was fearful he would not cooperate with me; but I told him of this letter, and I think I must have given him to suppose, at least, that I entertained a fear that his feelings would prevent his doing all that he could. I do not know that I said even that much to him.

Question. Did you at any time, and when, after the 30th of August, consult with the accused, as one of a board of officers, as to the best disposition to be made of the army under your command as it then stood?

Answer. At Centreville, I think, on the 31st of August-it may, perhaps, have been upon the 1st of September, but I am inclined to think it was on the 31st of August-I sent for the commanders of army corps belonging to that army, and desired them-not together, but as they came in-to inform me of the condition of their commands, and to give me their opinions as to the best course to be pursued. That is the extent of any consultation that I had with them that I know of.

Question. Was the accused one of the commanders of corps at that time that you consulted?

Answer. Yes, sir. I sent for all commanders of army corps, of which General Porter was one.

Question. Did he give his opinion?

Answer. Several of the corps commanders did express opinions. In the midst of it, and during the course of their coming in and giving their opinions, I received a dispatch from the General-in-Chief in Washington, which gave me such directions concerning the course I was to pursue as rendered any further expression of opinion unnecessary. I do not now remember whether General Porter was one who gave his opinion, as the order of the General-in-Chief took away all consequence from the opinions such as they would have had otherwise. There were several who did not give opinions. I remember General Porter being present, but whether he expressed any opinion or not, i do not remember.

Question. At what time of the day, of the 31st of August, or the 1st of September-whichever may have been the time of the council-did you receive the dispatch from the General-in-Chief?

Answer. I do not remember exactly; but I think about midday.

Question. Ye have said, in answer to one of the interrogatories-in-chief, that you had traveled over the roads or road upon which the column of the accused would have to pass under the order of the 27th of August, and that there was nothing in the condition of the road at that time, in your opinion, to prevent his compliance with that order within the time prescribed by the order. Will you state on what day and at what time of the day you passed over the road?

Answer. I will state first that I have not made exactly the statement contained in that question. I did not state that the condition of the road was such that he could have brought up his whole command in the time specified by that order. That he could have brought up his infantry, I did state. I stated in my former answer that I did not think the wagon trains would have occasioned any considerable delay in the movement of the artillery. I passed over the road between 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock in the afternoon of the 27th of August. The road was then in good order. All the stragglers, and a considerable portion of the infantry of Hooker's command, were marching along the railroad track. The road was sometimes on one side of the railroad track and sometimes ont he other. I think the most of the way the road was on both sides of the railroad track. The trains of the army were on the road proceeding eastward in the rear of Hooker's division. But I passed through the trains myself, keeping the road all the time. I passed through the trains with a considerable cavalry escort, ringing with me some twelve or fifteen wagons which got through the trains, and arrived at Bristoe Station a little after dark.

Question. How long did it take you yourself to go?

Answer. I think it was about 12 o'clock that I started-it might have been later.