War of the Rebellion: Serial 016 Page 0819 Chapter XXIV. CAMPAIGN IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA.

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73rd Infantry.-Lieutenant Charles W. Trimble, killed August 30.

82nd Infantry.-Lieutenant Harvey M. Litzenberg, killed August 29.


9th Reserves.-Captain James T. Shannon, died of wounds received August 30; Lieutenant Gustavus E. Menke and Alexander McCord, killed August 30.

10th Reserves.-Captain James S. Hinchman and Lieutenant Henry B. Fox, killed August 30.

11th Reserves.-Lieutenant John Kuhn, died of wounds received August 30.

11th Infantry.-Lieutenant Colonel Thomas S. Martin, Lieuts. Greenberry R. Dalbey and James Hyndman, killed August 30; Captain William Shanks and Lieutenant Jeremiah T. Saxton, killed August 28; Captain George A. Cribbs, died of wounds received August 30.

26th Infantry.-Captain John F. Meekins and Lieutenant David Potts, killed August 29.

46th Infantry.-Lieuts. William P. Caldwell, Samuel H. Jones, and Robert Wilson, killed August 9.

48th Infantry.-Captain Henry A. M. Filbert, killed August 29.

83rd Infantry.-Lieutenant W. J. Wittich, killed August 30.

100th Infantry.-Capts. Simeon H. Brown and William F. Templeton and Lieutenant Philo P. Rayen, killed August 29.

105th Infantry.-Lieutenant John P. Gilbert, killed August 29.


Holcombe Legion.-Lieuts. Joseph S. Bates, Thomas Beggs, W. M. Hatton, and B. J. Kinard, killed August 30; Lieutenant W. B. Williams, died of wounds received August 30.

1st Infantry (Hagood).-Captain John H. Thomson, Lieuts. J. E. Knotts, W. L. Manning, and W. A. Nesbitt, killed August 30; Lieutenant J. H. Phillips, died of wounds received August 30.

17th Infantry.-Lieutenant S. G. Ray and D. J. Young, killed August 30; Captain W. P. Coleman, Lieuts. R. E. Stanton, John Waters, and John A. Witherspoon, died of wounds received August 30.

18th Infantry.-Capts. John E. Hames and F. M. Tucker and Lieutenant E. B. White, killed August 30; Captain J. F. Walker, died of wounds received August 30.

23rd Infantry.-Major John M. Whilden and Captain Paul H. Seabrook, died of wounds received August 30; Captain A. L. McRae and Lieuts. W. B. Allen and K. Nichols, killed August 30.


1st Infantry.-Captain Young T. Stubblefield and Lieutenant W. E. Forbes, killed August 30.

7th Infantry.-Lieuts. Alexander Hogan and John Wise, killed August 9.


6th Cavalry.-Lieutenant William Thirft, killed August 23.

1st Battalion Infantry.-Lieutenant W. D. Howard, killed August 29.

4th Infantry.-Captain Andrew E. Gibson, killed August 29; Captain Hugh A. White, killed August 30; Lieuts. A. H. Cummins and William C. Slusser, killed August 28.