War of the Rebellion: Serial 016 Page 0797 Chapter XXIV. EVACUATION OF WINCHESTER, VA.

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Question. Was there any indecent or improper haste about it?

Answer. No, sir.

Question. Was the transportation, as far as you know, used thoroughly to bring away all the Government property?

Answer. We could not bring away any more than we did.


Question. Were you there during the evacuation?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Were all the cars loaded to their utmost capacity?

Answer. Yes, sir; and staid there and had stores put onto them to the last end.

Question. You did not remain there long enough to see the destruction of the public property which followed?

Answer. No, sir.

Captain W. ANGELO POWELL, called by General White, and sworn and examined as follows:

By General WHITE:

Question. Were you on duty at Winchester at the time of the evacuation of that post?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. In what capacity?

Answer. As engineer, by General Sigel's orders, and also by General Pope's orders.

Question. Had you been employed in the construction of the defensive works there for some time?

Answer. Yes, sir; while General Piatt was in command of Winchester, with a detached brigade, previous to your arrival there.

Question. And subsequently during my stay there?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Will you state to the court, if you please, what orders you received from me on the afternoon prior to the evacuation of Winchester?

Answer. After receiving the dispatch from General Halleck, which you showed to me, and asked me to say nothing about it, you told me that you wished me to get everything in readiness, so that, in case we should have to move, there would be no trouble about it. I went around to the different captains of batteries, and one thing and another, who had command of those things, and told them to get them in readiness to move at a moment's notice, if required. I then went over to the rear work, and made arrangements there.

Question. State, if you recollect, what reason I have you for not giving direct orders to march at once.

Answer. You expected an additional dispatch from General Halleck.

Question. Did I state to you the tenor of the dispatch I expected to receive, or what the object of waiting for that dispatch was?

Answer. It was for the purpose of getting more transportation and additional time to bring away all the stores and everything we had there that belonged to the Government.

Question. Did you place the 32-pounder guns in position that were on the work?

Answer. Yes, sir.