War of the Rebellion: Serial 016 Page 0788 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD. Chapter XXIV.

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Answer. Merely an operator in the employ of the telegraph company for the Government.

Question. Were you acting in that capacity at Winchester on the 2nd September, at the time of the evacuation of that place?

Answer. I was.

Question. Do you recollect the reception of a dispatch from General Halleck, directing the evacuation of that place?

Answer. I do.

Question. State, if you please, if that is the dispatch, if you can recollect it sufficiently.

[The following copy of a dispatch was handed the witness, which be read:*]

* * * * * * *

Answer. To the best of my knowledge, that is the same as I sent; the same in substance, whether verbally or not.

Question. Was there any answer received to that dispatch?

Answer. I received none.

Question. None received at Winchester?

Answer. None received at Winchester.

Question. There was no other operator but yourself there at that time?

Answer. None in the office. Mr. Tyler was there in the place, but he was not in the office that evening.

Question. During the progress of measures to leave, do you remember my spending the most of my time in your tent, where the telegraphic instruments were; a large potion of it, at least?

Answer. I remember you were in the tent a great many times, and was very anxious for this reply.

Question. To what hour in the night was your tent kept standing and the instrument working, and for what purpose?

Answer. I do not know as I could tell the hour.

Question. As near as you can.

Answer. I think it must have been between 11 and 12.

Question. Do you recollect what was the object of keeping it up? Was it the last tent struck, or nearly the last?

Answer. The office tent, where I was, was the last tent struck on the inside of the fort. It was kept there waiting to get an answer to this dispatch which you sent.

Question. Do you remember what I stated was my anxiety-what constituted my anxiety-or what I should do if I got an answer from General Halleck that would justify me in occupying more time? Do you know what I proposed to do in that case?

Answer. I think you wanted more time to move those large guns, if possible, and the ammunition and stores.


*See dispatch of September 2 to Halleck, on p. 768.