War of the Rebellion: Serial 016 Page 0785 Chapter XXIV. EVACUATION OF WINCHESTER, VA.

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Question. Were you on duty at Winchester at the time of the evacuation of that post?

Answer. I was.

Question. Were you in the habit of receiving all the telegraphic dispatches, and filing them immediately after their reception?

Answer. I received most of them.

Question. Do you recollect a dispatch received on the 2nd day of September, from the General-in-Chief, General Halleck, directing the evacuation of Winchester?

Answer. I do.

Question. Do you recollect at what hour of the day it was received, or about what time?

Answer. About noon; a little after noon, if anything; about 2 o'clock, I should think.

Question. Do you know whether a dispatch was sent, addressed to General Halleck, shortly after, inquiring if time could be taken to save all the public property, or whether expedition was necessary in the evacuation?

Answer. I do not know the fact. I know that you went into the telegraphic operator's tent, saying that you were going to send such a dispatch.

Question. Do you know it was my determination to wait al long as it was prudent to wait for an answer or for further instructions from the General-in-Chief in relation to the evacuation?

Answer. I know that was your intention.

Question. Do you know that the telegraphic office in camp was kept open up to 10 or 11 o'clock at night for that purpose?

Answer. It was open when I left, and that was about-I do not know when I do not think it was so late in the evening as that, however.

Question. When you left?

Answer. Yes, sir; you left the arranging of the column to me, and, consequently, I left before the others.

Question. The point I want to get at is whether you do or do not know that I determined to take all the time my orders would allow me for the purpose of saving the whole of the public property, if possible.

Answer. I know that you did.

Question. Will you state, if you please, whether the enemy had been present around that position for some weeks, in greater or less force, constantly?

Answer. They had been hovering around us all the time, day and night, while I was there.

Question. Was the information we got, and that daily, such as to make it certain they were in sufficient force to seize and appropriate any stores that might be left there undestroyed?

Answer. Yes, sir; there was undoubtedly a considerable force above us in the valley, variously reported; sometimes cavalry and sometimes partially of infantry.

Question. Do you know of a dispatch having been received from General Pope, shortly before, in relation to the movements of the enemy? If you remember the substance of the dispatch, will you state it?

Answer. There was such a dispatch. To the best of my recollection, it was that a