War of the Rebellion: Serial 016 Page 0779 Chapter XXIV. EVACUATION OF WINCHESTER, VA.

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that is, from camp to the pike. We marched to the pike, and halted there until the column was formed.

Question. And continued the march through that night?

Answer. Yes, sir; we marched all night.

Question. Were you followed by the enemy at all?

Answer. Not that I am aware of.

Captain CHARLES GOODMAN, called by Major-General White, and sworn and examined as follows:

By General WHITE:

Question. What is your position in the Army?

Answer. Assistant Quartermaster.

Question. Were you on duty at Winchester at the time of the evacuation of that post?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. Did you receive any orders from my in relation to the removal of public property at the time? If so, state what your orders were.

Answer. I received orders on the 2nd of September, about 3 o'clock, I think, to prepare all the transportation that I could, and to see the railroad [agent] and get all the transportation from him, which I did. I received all the transportation there and removed all the public property from Winchester at the post. The agent furnished me all the cars he had of every description, and I inquired of him to know whether he could furnish any more by sending to Harper's Ferry. He said he could not until the train was sent down to Harper's Ferry and returned; that there was no transportation there.


Question. Of whom did you inquire?

Answer. Of the agent of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.

By General WHITE:

Question. He said he could not get any from Harper's Ferry until the train went down and back?

Answer. That he could not furnish any more cars, except those at Winchester, until he sent down this train from Winchester to Harper's Ferry; as I understood him, they had no engines at Harper's Ferry to bring up anything from there. There were two engines at Winchester.

Question. How long did it take to haul that train down to Harper's Ferry?

Answer. The train I came down on?

Question. Yes, sir.

Answer. I left about a quarter of 12 o'clock that night, and got into Harper's Ferry about 9.30 the next day.

Question. Now long would it have taken to have taken that train to Harper's Ferry, unloaded it, and got it back to Winchester?

Answer. The usual time for the passenger trains to leave Harper's Ferry for Winchester left there about 10 o'clock and got to Winchester about 5.30 or 6 o'clock. The freight train is about three hours longer. It would have taken, I suppose, from the time I received my orders to have sent that train down to Harper's Ferry and return-we would not have got the train back until the next day, in the afternoon, very well.