War of the Rebellion: Serial 016 Page 0704 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD. Chapter XXIV.

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the corps I submit the following report of the operations of this division since the movement from the neighborhood of Gordonsville northward in the month of August last until it reached Bunker Hill in September:

This report, however, is necessarily defective in regard to all the other brigades of the division except my own, as there were other division commanders until after the commencement of the battle of Sharpsburg, on September 17, Major-General Ewell having commanded until the night of August 28, when he was wounded in the action near Groveton, and Brigadier-General Lawton having command from that time until he was wounded at the battle of Sharpsburg. It is impossible to supply the necessary information in regard to the particular parts taken by Lawton's and Trimble's brigades in the several actions commencing with the affairs of Hazel River, on the 22nd, and Bristoe and Manassas Junction, on August 27, and ending with the battle of Sharpsburg, except as to the part taken by Trimble's brigade at Sharpsburg, as General Lawton, who commanded his brigade until August 29, is absent in Georgia wounded, and Colonel [M.] Douglass, who commanded the brigade from August 29 to September 17, was killed at Sharpsburg on that day, and General Trimble, who commanded his brigade until August 29, is absent wounded, and Captain [W. F.] Brown, of the Twelfth Georgia Regiment, who succeeded him in the command, was killed at Ox Hill, near Chantilly, on September 1. There is the same difficulty in regard to Hays' brigade as to the part taken by it on August 30 at Manassas and at Ox Hill on September 1, as Colonel Strong, who commanded on these occasions, was killed at Sharpsburg. This report, therefore, will not contain particular details of the operations of any brigade but my own in most of the actions in which the division was engaged during the time covered by it.


On August 16 the division moved from Liberty Mills, in Orange County, to Mountain Run, in the same county, near Clark's Mountain, below Rapidan Station, where it remained until the 20th, when it crossed the Rapidan at Cunningham's Ford and bivouacked near Stevensburg, in Culpeper County.

On the next day it moved past Brandy Station and bivouacked near Saint James Church, on the road toward a ford on the Rappahannock above the railroad station and below the mouth of Hazel River.

The next day it moved in the direction of that ford, and on arriving there, the enemy being in position on the opposite bank to dispute the passage, the division was moved to the left, Lawton's brigade leading, crossing Hazel River at a mill, and then moving in the direction of a ford on the Rappahannock above the mouth of Hazel River, where the enemy was also found in force, and the division was then again moved to the left in the direction of the ford at Warrenton Springs by a route through fields and woods, so as not to be exposed to view. At the two fords above mentioned and in moving therefrom the division was exposed to shells fired from the enemy's batteries and sustained slight loss. In moving to the left across Hazel River General Trimble with his brigade was left behind to observe the enemy, and had a fight with a body of the enemy which had crossed from the north bank of the Rappahannock and was threatening the trains and succeeded in driving it back across the river, but I am unable to give the particulars of this affair.