War of the Rebellion: Serial 016 Page 0354 OPERATIONS IN N.VA., W.VA., AND MD. Chapter XXIV.

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Answer. Yes, he will follow him; also Porter's corps are on the road.

Question. Has either Porter or Kearny any artillery?

Answer. Kearny has one battery. I presume Porter has all his artillery.

Question. I have ordered Sigel, who has a superabundance of artillery for his infantry, to detach two batteries for Kearny, and will try and have them join him to-night. What division of force will you leave at Warrenton Junction till the baggage wagons shall have passed?

Answer. I cannot tell yet, but one division I will leave. You need not send the three batteries till I communicate with you further. I fear they may be in some danger. Have all the stores you do not need loaded into the cars and sent down here immediately. The enemy has burned a bridge over Cedar Run. Our left wing, therefore, rests at that place until we can have the bridge repaired. Hurry up the wagons with all speed to this place.


Send me an officer, if you have him who knows the country between Catlett's Station and Gainesville.

Question. Had not Banks better retire by way of Warrenton Junction, preceded by his trains?

Answer. He can do so, but please send him the order from Warrenton, as he is nearer to you, and I have got no cavalry.


Reynolds reports from Sulphur Springs that the indications are that the enemy has left that place. Sigel's advance is on march for Buckland Mills. I am anxious he should get that point, as it is of importance. Sigel thinks the enemy has passed Salem. I do not think he can yet have done it. I have this instant received the following from the signal officer on Watery Mountain:

No sign of enemy at Jefferson. His wagons have left there. A wagon train and a line of troops northwest of this mountain toward Chester Gap.

Question. What became of that regiment of cavalry I directed you to send me yesterday?


Answer. I ordered you one from Buford, because I could not get hold of Bayard. Not having heard whether he has done so, I have this morning, to make sure, ordered, Bayard to send you the Maine regiment, and it marches immediately. This amy result in your having two regiments.

I. McD.

Question. Have you sent the orders to Banks that I requested you to send?

Answer. Yes; to move upon Catlett's, preceded by his train.

I. McD.


August 27, 1862-1.45 p.m.

General McDOWELL:

Reno has his instructions, and is ahead of his wagon train.


Major-General, Commanding.