War of the Rebellion: Serial 016 Page 0061 Chapter XXIV. GENERAL REPORTS.

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will watch any movements of the enemy toward that place or toward your right. Stand firm, and let the enemy develop toward Warrenton. Re-enforcements are constantly arriving in our rear. I do not wish any farther extension of our lines to the right, but I desire the enemy to cross as large a force as he pleases in the direction of Warrenton. When I wish to concentrate on the railroad I will cover your movement back. Be under no concern, but keep your whole command ready to march at a moment's notice. Send word to Bayard to keep his position as far up the river as possible, and check, if you find it necessary, any attempt of the enemy to cross at Lawson's Ford.

By order of General Pope:


Lieutenant-Colonel and Aide-de-Camp.

Numbers 31. HEADQUARTERS ARMY OF VIRGINIA, August 23, 1862-7.15 a. m.

Major-General SIGEL:

The river has risen here 6 feet, and is entirely impassable at any ford. I have no doubt it is the same all the way up the river, as the main portion of the storm was above. The enemy, therefore, on this side is cut off from those on the other, and there is no fear of this position. You will accordingly march at once upon Sulphur Springs, and thence toward Waterloo Bridge, attacking and beating the enemy wherever you find him. Banks' corps and the force under General Reno will accompany and support you. McDowell, with his whole corps, marches direct on Warrenton, and you will be brought together in that neighborhood to-night. Move promptly up the river. The other troops will be close behind you. You ought to be in the neighborhood of Waterloo Bridge before sunset. I will accompany McDowell's corps and communicate further with you in the courts of the day. You will have an effective force of 25,000 men. Leave nothing behind you.



Numbers 32. HEADQUARTERS ARMY OF VIRGINIA, August 23, 1862-7.35 a. m.

Major-General BANKS:

You will accompany and support General Sigel in his forward movement toward Sulphur Springs and Waterloo Bridge. General Reno will follow you closely for the same purpose. McDowell's corps marches immediately upon Warrenton. The river has risen 6 feet, and is no longer passable by the enemy. His forces on this side are cut off from those on the other, and we will march against those on this side, and our whole force will unite between Warrenton and Waterloo Bridge. Call in Crawford at once and leave nothing behind you. Follow Sigel very closely, and keep constant communication with him, as also with General Reno, in you rear. Be quick, for time is everything.