War of the Rebellion: Serial 015 Page 0554 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD. Chapter XXIV.

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Casualties in the Union forces at Front Royal and Winchester, &c.-Continued.

Killed. Wounded.

Command. Officers. Enlisted men. Officers. Enlisted



10th Maine Infantry ...... 3 ...... 6

8th New York Cavalry ...... 2 ...... 5

Zouaves d'Afrique ...... 1 ...... 1

Pioneer Corps ...... ...... ...... ......

Pennsylvania Light ...... ...... ...... 5

Artillery, section Battery


Total unattached ...... 6 ...... 17

Total Department 2 60 16 227


Captured or missing.

Command. Officers. Enlisted men. Aggregate. Remarks.


10th Maine Infantry ...... 54 63

8th New York Cavalry 1 23 31

Zouaves d'Afrique ...... 2 4

Pioneer Corps ...... 28 *28

Pennsylvania Light ...... 23 28

Artillery, section Battery


Total unattached 1 130 154

Total Department 51 1,663 2,019



*Not accounted for in their regiments.

+At Front Royal. Detached from General Geary's command.


Numbers 3. Report of Major Hector Tyndale, Twenty-eight Pennsylvania Infantry, of reconnaissance from Front Royal to Browntown, May 21.


May 22, 1862.

GENERAL: At midnight of the 20th instant I took about 100 men-about 70 of Company I, this regiment, with 30 of Company A, same, the latter temporarily under my command-and marched about 11 miles south of this place on the mountain road, not on any map I have seen. I left orders with Captain Acker, First Michigan Cavalry (Company I), to follow me with 30 men at an interval of two hours; done that the infantry might noiselessly advance at head of column. We found no troops, not even pickets, along the road, although reports had made me believe them there.

We reached Browntown, 10 miles distant, at daylight (3 a. m.) 21st instant and surrounded it, this being the place reported as center of several infantry squads of rebels, but none were found therein. They had, however, occupied one house the night before to the number of 20 men, of the Eighth Louisiana Regiment, Taylor's brigade, Ewell's division, which last heard from was encamped all together in Swift Run Gap, west side. Captain Acker arrived at Browntown about one hour after the infantry, and while going to surround a house 3 miles distant, said to contain a company of infantry-with orders not to engage, but merely to hold them in check if found until his messenger could reach me and the infantry come up-he took prisoner man of the Eighth Regiment Louisiana Volunteers. This man (Cox) was in citizen's dress. He is a Kentuckian, and seems desirous to have quit the rebel service "honorably," and "regrets only" that he was in "citizen's clothes." He was going, he says, back to regimental headquarters to procure a uniform, which to that time they had been unable to give him. I send this man down to you ba train. He will tell you of the