War of the Rebellion: Serial 015 Page 0357 Chapter XXIV. BATTLE OF KERNSTOWN, VA.

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By order of Colonel Kimball I directed two companies of the Pennsylvania cavalry to patrol the Front Royal road. Two companies were detailed to patrol the Romney road, and one company the cross-road leading from the latter road to the Strasburg pike. Company F of this regiment I directed to support the batteries on the right of our line, and the balance on the Virginia cavalry, under Chamberlain, to take position on our right flank.

At about 4 o'clock orders were given to storm the rebel batteries in front of our right, and that the infantry constituting the storming party be supported by all the cavalry that I could collet for the purpose. I concentrated for this purpose there companies of my own regiment, there of Virginia, and two of the Ohio; then I formed in close column of squadron the companies of this regiment in front immediately in rear of the infantry, and proceeded in that order through the woods till we met the enemy. Then we were forced to remain in comparative inactivity till the enemy broke, when I gave the order to charge and pursue them. This order was received with enthusiasm and executed with alacrity, and, notwithstanding the numerous stone walls and fences which retarded our progress, resulted in the capture of between 200 and 300 prisoners-the exact number I have not had an opportunity of ascertaining.

When an did their so well, at times under a shower of balls, it would seem invidious to discriminate, and yet I cannot forbear commending Lieutenant Heazlit, the adjutant of our regiment, Lieutenants Gray and Freeman, and Captain Park and Lieutenant Gallagher, of the First Battalion, who, happening to be present, volunteers chief services. Captain Park received a severe wound soon after reaching the enemy's position and was obliged to retire from the field.


Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding.

Colonel T. F. BRODHEAD,

Chief of Cavalry, Fifth Corps d'Armee.

Report of Captain John Keys, Pennsylvania Cavalry.

Agreeably to your verbal orders and instructions of Saturday, 22nd, I took my command, consisting of the Washington and Ringgold Cavalry, numbering 60 men, and proceeded with dispatch and reported at 4 in the evening to Colonel Copeland, who after the enemy began to give back ordered me to take Front Royal Road and proceed cautiously along the same, sending messengers to the rear to report, which was done. We proceeded to a farm-house 3 1\2 miles out, where we captured one of Stuart's (discharged, he says) cavalrymen, with whom we returned to Winchester. Deeming his information valuable., reported him to quarters a General Shields. First picketed the road, and them by your order went into quarters with the balance of the command.

Again on the 23rd of March, agreeably to your order, I reported my command to your headquarters, where, by your order, I divided my command to your headquarters, where, by your order, I divided my command, sending Captain Greenfield with the Washington Cavalry on the Front Royal road, with direction to watch the enemy on his right, whilst by your direction I took the Ringgold Cavalry to watch the