War of the Rebellion: Serial 015 Page 0355 Chapter XXXIV. BATTLE OF KERNSTOWN, VA.

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cheerfully and manfully. I inclose you some of the many messages sent upon the battle-field.* There was not time to preserve a copy of all the stations were so constantly working. I also send copy of massages transmitted by the corps while the army was at Strasburg. They are merely specimens of what we are daily doing. I cannot send but a few; if I should undertake to copy all they wound fill a volume.

Yours, respectfully,


Captain SAMUEL. T. CUSHING, Acting Signal Officer.

Numbers 7. Reports of Colonel Thornton. F. Brodhead, First Michigan Cavalry, Chief of Cavalry.


Strasburg, March 27, 1862.

MAJOR: In compliance with your circular order of the 25th instant, yesterday received, I have the honor to report that at 2 o'clock p. m., on the 22nd instant, Major Paldi, of the First Michigan Cavalry, reported the enemy on the Strasburg road within 2 miles of Winchester. I immediately sent Lieutenant-Colonel Copeland, of that regiments, with the only them available companies, to assume,m command, and directed major Chamberlain, of the Virginia Cavalry, to move with his command and report to Lieutenant-Colonel Copeland. These orders given, I join General Shield and proceeded to the field. Some time before dark General Shield was wounded, and I ordered a portion of the cavalry force to take position some 3 miles on the Strasburg road, where it remained all night, the rest returning to Winchester to await further orders.

On the morning of the 23rd we advanced, under the command of Colonel Kimball, at the head of the column, pursuing the enemy until late in the afternoon, when the position of the enemy stormed by Colonel Tyler, who was efficiently supported by Lieutenant-Colonel Copeland with a cavalry force detailed on the field for that purpose. The attack was successful, and after a serves contest enemy driven from the field.

On the morning of the 24th I advanced with the cavalry of the corps to Cedar Creek, moving myself with a small party to Strasburg in the evening for the purpose of reconnoitering; after which the force returned, reporting to General Banks, and by his order encamped in front of the position occupied by our troops. My command on the 23rd, actively engaged in the battle, consisted of four companies of the First Michigan Cavalry, two companies of the Ohio Cavalry, two companies Maryland, a squadron of the Ringgold and Washington Cavalry (Pennsylvania), commanded by Captain Keys, and six companies of the First Virginia Cavalry, less that 780 men in all. Their position on the march was at all times exposed and at the head of the columns, testing well the courage of our gallant men, all of whom, I am proud to say, acquitted themselves nobly. Lieutenant-Colonel Copeland, whose report I have the honor to inclose an accurate statement of the disposition of our forces during the engagement, to with I respect-


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