War of the Rebellion: Serial 015 Page 0287 Chapter XXIV. GENERAL REPORTS.

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I also telegraphed General Banks as follows:

MANASSAS, June 14, 1862.

Major-General BANKS, Winchester:

Permit me to inquire when you will be able to relieve my command at Front Royal, that I may get into position to carry out the orders of the President.

At ferry has been established over the Shenandoah, which was sufficient to bring to this side a regiment of infantry, a section of artillery, and some cavalry, and which therefore I should think would be sufficient to throw over from your command a force to guard the stores and occupy the place till your permanent arrangements can be made. To await for these permanent arrangements would, I fear, delay the movements I am ordered to make beyond the time which would render them effective.

June 15 I telegraphed as follows:

His Excellency the PRESIDENT, Washington, D. C.:

So much has been said about my not going to aid General McClellan and his need of re-enforcements that I beg the President will now along me to take to him every man that can be spared. I make this request in view of what I learn from Front Royal of an intention to have my Second Division broken up and Hartsuff's brigade transferred to General Banks' department.

General Fremont's and General Banks' divisions are now superabundantly strong for all purposes in the valley. Jackson seems to have gone to Charlottesville, and I will have to do with him either on my way to or at Richmond. The rapid marches over the mountains have diminished my force, aside from McCall's division, by at least 4,000 men. At Richmond we will have the heavy work to do, and after providing for the safety of this line and Fredericksburg my force to march upon Richmond will be a much smaller re-enforcement than will be looked for or wanted.


Major-General, Commanding.

The same day I telegraphed the Secretary of War:

[JUNE 15-12.30 p. m.]

Major-General Banks writes to General Ricketts, commanding my Second Division at Front Royal, that General Ricketts must remain with his command until his (General Banks') can be ordered up, which shall not be absolutely beyond the time necessary for its equipment. I learn from another dispatch that he is waiting for blankets, &c., and in one to me that he is waiting for means to cross the river. I have telegraphed him that there is a ferry at Front Royal, on which we have passed a regiment of infantry, a section of artillery, sixty baggage wagons, and a squadron of cavalry, and that with ropes he can build a bridge of scows. I now learn that there is a plan on foot to have Hartsuff's brigade of the Second Division transferred to General Banks, and in anticipation that General Williams has been calling on General Hartsuff for returns of his brigade and that General Banks is now on the way to Washington I am sure it is not expected that I shall wait till bridges are built or troops should get everything in the way of equipments.

My troops also need many things which I shall not wait for. I regret to have to trouble you in this matter, and to beg that I may not be deprived of Hartsuff. They have enough for their defensive purposes, and I shall need more than I have, though I may not ask for them for the work I have to do.


Major-General, Commanding.

General Shields (see his dispatches of June 15, proceedings of January 5), reporting himself unable for want of shoes for his men and horses to march direct from Luray to Catlett's, I had him instructed to move down the valley to Front Royal, where he could be better equipped and could use the railroad from that place over to Manassas; and General Ricketts was instructed, as soon as General Shields' division should reach Front Royal, to commence the march of his division or its transfer in the cars to Manassas.

On the 17th of June (proceedings of January 5) I telegraphed from Manassas to General Banks at Winchester:

I beg to acquaint you that Hartsuff's brigade has moved here to-day; that General Ricketts will follow to-morrow, and that General Shields' division is now at Front