War of the Rebellion: Serial 015 Page 0233 Chapter XXIV. GENERAL REPORTS.

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Question by General McDOWELL. By what route did King's division retire from the battle-field?

Answer. Over the road leading to Manassas Junction.

Question by the COURT. How near was that road to the route over which he had marched to the Warrenton pike when turned back on the preceding day?

Answer. I think it was the same road, or nearly os.

Question by the COURT. Had you knowledge during the 28th of the order to turn back to the Warrenton pike?

Answer. I had not.

Question by the COURT. How far had you proceeded toward Manassas Junction on the 28th when you turned back?

Answer. About a mile.

Question by the COURT. Were you in the company of General McDowell at the time when you turned back?

Answer. I was.

Question by the COURT. After turning back,how far did you progress before the action with the enemy?

Answer. About 2 miles.

Question by the COURT. Did you remain with the artillery when it retired that night?

Answer. I think I remained until after if had retired, and came away with General King.

Question by the COURT. Was there any difficulty, owing to the darkness of the night or the nature of the roads or country, in finding your way back near to Manassas Junction, either for yourselves or your artillery? And, if so, state it.

Answer. I know of no difficulty whatever. The roads were very good, and through open fields mostly.

Question by the COURT. What was the character of the night as to obscurity?

Answer. It was quite dark. My impression is that [it] was cloudy.

Question by General McDOWELL. Did King's division, in retiring from the engagement, go back, over the turnpike before it turned off for Manassas?

Answer. I think it did.

Question by General McDOWELL. Did the road you then took lead you by Bethlehem Church or south of Bethlehem Church?

Answer. I think by Bethlehem Courch.

Question by General McDOWELL. State if the course you took, as described, would be the same as one a person would take in going from Manassas direct to the battle ground?

Answer. No, it would not, looking at the map.

Question by the COURT. Did you start from the battle intending to go direct to Manassas Junction?

Answer. We started to go to Manassas Junction, but whether by the most direct route I do not know.

Question by the COURT. If you have knowledge, state whether there