War of the Rebellion: Serial 015 Page 0212 OPERATIONS IN N.VA., W.VA., AND MD. Chapter XXIV.

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Washington, D. C., January 15, 1863.

* * * * * *

Brigadier General RUFUS KING, U. S. Volunteers, a witness, was recalled. Question by the COURT. Where was your division on the morning of the 28th of August, when the head of Reynolds' column was assaulted by a section of the enemy's artillery from the direction of Groveton, on the Warrenton pike?

Answer. As nearly as I can remember my division that morning was near Buckland Mills, on the march between Buckland Mills and Groveton.

Question by the COURT. Do you know where Gainesville is and the railroad from Gainesville to Manassas and Bethlehem Church?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question by the COURT. Did your division march along, the pike from Buckland Mills and change direction toward Manassas on the 28th?

Answer. Yes, sir

Question by the COURT. At what point of the pike, with reference to

Gainesville, did your division change direction toward Manassas?

Answer. I think it was 2 or 3 miles beyond Gainesville toward Centerville.

Question by the COURT. Did you follow in the route of any other division; and, if so, what division?

Answer. My impression is that we did, and that we followed the route of General Reynolds' division.

Question by the COURT. How near were you to the rear of the column in advance of you?

Answer. I do not remember, but I think we were within sight all the while, but am not sure of it.

Question by the COURT. What was your formation of brigades and regiments in your march; that is, did you move by a flank, one regiment following in the same route as the preceding one, or how otherwise?

Answer. My column marched by brigades and regiments in, order of seniority; that is, my senior brigade leading the column, and by a flank, all on the same road.

Question by the COURT. When you changed direction from the pike toward Manassas did you march to Bethlehem Church?

Answer. We marched either to the church or to its immediate neighborhood.

Question by the COURT. Did you cross to the south side of the railroad, located between Gainesville and Manassas?

Answer. I don't remember crossing the railroad, but we must have done so if we went as far as Bethlehem Church.

Question by the COURT. By whose orders did you move your division in the manner and by the routes which you have now described?

Answer. The order to march by divisions came from my commanding officer, General McDowell; the manner of the movement was by my own directions.

Question by the COURT. What orders in respect to your movements did you receive from General McDowell? State fully and particularly.

Answer. The only order I recollect of receiving from General McDowell was the