War of the Rebellion: Serial 015 Page 0194 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD. Chapter XXIV.

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back on the 27th; also that he was separated from Longstreet; and had you not from the time of encountering Jackson at Cedar Mountain learned this fact?

Answer. I was informed that Jackson and Longstreet were separated, but I did not know the strength of Jackson. I was informed that Jackson had been driven back.

Question by the COURT. At what time were King and Reynolds got in motion toward the Warrenton pike after the receipt of the orders from General Pope on the afternoon of the 28th?

Answer. Orders were given as soon as possible-instantly. The orders were given to King immediately. I was busy at the time on other duties than looking after the time of their departure. We then went to Reynolds' division, and we moved along with it until they took the road toward the north and we took the road to the south-east.

Question by the COURT. How far was it from the point where General McDowell separated from Reynolds to go to Manassas?

Answer. I cannot answer that. I suppose it must have been about 3 miles.

Question by the COURT. You have stated that during the separation of General McDowell from King and Reynolds, King had a fight and fell back to Manassas. What occasion or order had General McDowell to go to Manassas and thus become separated from his corps?

Answer. It was the headquarters of General Pope, and I presume (if did not hear him say so) he went there to confer with General Pope.

Question by the COURT. Had General McDowell any request or order from General Pope to join him personally, in order to confer with him, at Manassas?

Answer. I am not aware of any at this moment.

Question by the COURT. At what time in the morning of the 29th did General McDowell give instructions to Reynolds to support General Sigel in anything he might undertake to do in the quarter in which he was?

Answer. Of course it must have been prior to his departure from that place. it must have been early, because we left there early.

Question by the COURT. Did General McDowell, to your knowledge, communicate to Sigel the order thus given to Reynolds?

Answer. I have no recollection of it.

Question by the COURT. Had not General McDowell staff officers or other means of bringing back the divisions of King and Ricketts without going to Manassas for them himself?

Answer. Undoubtedly. Messages might have been sent.

Question by the COURT. In your opinion was not the place of General McDowell with Sigel's corps and Reynolds' division to direct their movements against the enemy, instead of going back for King's and Ricketts' divisions?

Answer. I formed no opinion and can form no opinion on that subject.

Question by General MCDOWELL. After General Pope sent order to General McDowell at Buckland Mills, on the evening of the 27th, did General McDowell receive any information as to the whereabouts of General Pope up to the time of the receipt of the orders at 4.15 on the evening of the 28th?

Answer. I don't remember any.