War of the Rebellion: Serial 015 Page 0182 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD. Chapter XXIV.

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column 4 miles back. He then said, "Gentlemen, forward; move," or words to that effect, to the gentlemen around him-to his staff, I presume. The men along the line had pretty generally fallen out; some regiments were in columns. The road was so blocked up that I could not keep the road, but rode in the woods on either side, where I saw the men lying down, halting and resting.

Question by the COURT. Were you with General McDowell during the 28th, 29th, and 30th of August, and the intermediate nights?

Answer. I was.

Question by the COURT. How early in the day of the 28th did the head of General McDowell's corps reach Gainesville?

Answer. I do not know. When I returned I found General McDowell making a reconnaissance toward Centreville. Shortly after we were being badly shelled. This was about 8.30 o'clock in the morning.

Question by the COURT. Where did General McDowell go from that position toward Centreville, where you were badly shelled?

Answer. Moved off to the right toward Manassas Gap Railroad.

Question by the COURT. From what direction were the shells thrown?

Answer. From the left of Warrenton pike. We were about a mile on the centreville road from Gainesville. The pieces of shell were thrown abut a mile from the Centreville road.

Question by the COURT. What was the force of the enemy in the direction from which the shells were thrown?

Answer. I have no means whatever of judging.

Question by the COURT. Were any measures taken by general McDowell to ascertain what that force was?

Answer. He did not communicate with me on the subject. I have no knowledge. I would wish to say at that time I was suffering from fever and ague, and General McDowell would not probably order me on that kind of duty to ascertain what their force was.

Question by the COURT. After passing toward the Manassas Railroad where did General McDowell go?

Answer. He remained, as nearly as I can remember, within 2 miles east of Warrenton pike.

Question by the COURT. Where was his corps at that time and what was he doing?

Answer. During the short period of time that I was with him he was dismounted, sitting under a tree, receiving and sending dispatches. I do not know where his corps was; I was not with it.

Question by the COURT. When he left that position where did he go?

Answer. He moved still farther in the direction of Manassas Station, where we joined General King.

Question by the COURT. Did you cross the railroad before you joined General King?

Answer. I do not remember.

Question by the COURT. Where was General Sigel's corps when you joined General King?

Answer. I do not know of my own knowledge.

Question by the COURT. At what time did you join General King and where did General McDowell proceed farther?